Masía Xamandreu: Your Best Wedding Venue In The Costa Blanca

In the heart of Valencia, Masia Xamandreu stands as a symbol of elegance, hospitality, and perfection. As a proud sponsor of our weddings section, this historic establishment has been crafting dreams into reality for countless couples, creating moments that linger in the heart forever.

Tucked away in the enchanting heart of Valencia, Masia Xamandreu stands as a testament to timeless elegance, warm hospitality, and the magic of transforming dreams into unforgettable moments. As we reflect on the cherished traditions and exquisite experiences that define this remarkable place, it’s with immense gratitude that we celebrate our partnership with Masia Xamandreu, our trusted sponsor and friend.

Where Dreams Take Center Stage

Masia Xamandreu has long held a reputation as a haven where dreams come to life. It is a place where love stories are etched into memory, where milestones are celebrated with grandeur, and where the art of creating memories is perfected. For couples seeking a wedding venue that encapsulates charm and enchantment, this is the place where their journey begins.

An International Canvas of Love

Beyond the elegant halls and exquisite gardens of Masia Xamandreu, it’s the warmth of its embrace that makes this venue truly exceptional. This is a place where international love stories are celebrated, and where cultural diversity is welcomed with open arms. The most recent, awe-inspiring wedding—a magnificent Chinese celebration—left everyone breathless.

Adapted to the culture and traditions of the newlyweds, Masia Xamandreu became the canvas upon which their dreams unfolded. The couple and their extensive guest list reveled in the enchanting ambience, enjoying every moment as their love story was crafted into a masterpiece. The history, the traditions, and the emotions were woven together seamlessly.

Beyond the recent successful Chinese wedding hosted by Masia Xamandreu, we are pleased to inform you that the Valencia Tourist Office has a delegation of wedding organizers visiting Valencia in November. They will be exploring venues that specialize in organizing Indian weddings, and Masia Xamandreu is one of the chosen locations.


A Sponsorship that Honors Tradition and Excellence

It is with immense pride and deep gratitude that we highlight the generous sponsorship of Masia Xamandreu in our weddings section. This historic establishment has been the backdrop for countless love stories, and its longevity and commitment to excellence are truly commendable.

For many years, Masia Xamandreu has opened its doors to individuals and families, offering not just a venue but an experience. It’s where memories are forged, where laughter fills the air, and where the magic of life’s most important moments is truly understood.

As we celebrate the tradition and excellence that Masia Xamandreu embodies, we also extend our gratitude for the unwavering support and partnership that have allowed us to continue sharing and celebrating the stories of love and joy with our readers.

The venue has also been selected for hosting small, exceptional exhibitions that are expected to continue throughout 2024.

Masia Xamandreu isn’t just a venue; it’s a testament to the enduring power of love and the timeless beauty of creating moments that linger in the heart forever. With each celebration, with each wedding, and with each cherished moment, Masia Xamandreu continues to inspire, captivate, and make dreams come true.


Contact details:

Address: Road Godella to Bétera, kilometer point 4 of the CV310. Access from the AP7 by exit 321 (towards Bétera).

Phone: +34 963 63 84 43



For corporate events:




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