Masía Xamandreu: Where Christmas Magic Creates Unforgettable Memories

Masía Xamandreu, a timeless place steeped in history and elegance, warmly embraces those seeking the perfect setting for their Christmas and New Year’s events. Amid serene landscapes and perfumed gardens lies a sanctuary where the festive spirit comes to life.

As the holiday season approaches, there exists a place where magic flourishes amid expansive parks adorned with fragrant blooms. Masía Xamandreu stands as a beacon of festive joy, offering a broad canvas for the most memorable celebrations.

An Idyllic Setting

Nestled in a tranquil environment, this historical gem enjoys a privileged and accessible location, becoming the perfect choice for hosting unforgettable gatherings. Its spacious salons, adorned with exquisite décor, provide ample space for large events, ensuring each guest feels the warmth of the occasion.

Culinary Excellence

At the heart of this refuge lies a spectacular kitchen, where culinary artistry comes to life. The experienced team, dedicated to crafting gastronomic delights, creates menus that tantalize the senses and elevate the festivities to new levels.

Unparalleled Service

What distinguishes Masía Xamandreu isn’t just its history but also its dedication to ensuring every event is a seamless success. A professional team stands ready to attend to every need, ensuring each guest enjoys an experience marked by warmth, elegance, and attention to detail.

Legacy of Excellence

With a rich history of corporate events, exquisite meals, and unforgettable weddings, Masía Xamandreu embodies a legacy of excellence. Its historical past intertwines with a commitment to creating moments that linger in the memories of those who step into its halls.

“As Christmas carols fill the air and anticipation for a new year grows, Masía Xamandreu invites you, offering more than just a venue: it provides the stage where your cherished Christmas memories are woven. Amid historical charm and modern comforts, your festive dreams find a perfect home.”

This holiday season, as you seek the ideal location for your Christmas or New Year’s event, Masía Xamandreu opens its doors wide, inviting you to step into a world where magic happens and memories are born.

Contact Masía Xamandreu to embark on a journey of festive wonders and create moments that will remain in your heart for years to come.

Contact details:

Address: Road Godella to Bétera, kilometer point 4 of the CV310. Access from the AP7 by exit 321 (towards Bétera).

Phone: +34 963 63 84 43



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