Martínez Furniture of Benissa … since 1919

Martinez Muebles has a fascinating history. Four generations ago, José Martínez, the founder — grandfather of Pepe Martínez, who currently runs the store — began the business when he was only 13 years old. He was so young he required his father’s signature to consolidate his venture legally.

Since then, the business has evolved and “will continue to do so,” says Pepe, who also announced that in a couple of years, they will celebrate their 100th anniversary with a museum of furniture built by them throughout decades of hard work.

“Martínez Furniture has evolved through the years to what it is today dedicating over 5,000 square meters for the exhibition of furniture of all styles and prices,” says Pepe.

The massive warehouse offers customers the best brand names for your home or office, including carpets, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and lighting.

“We carry items of all level of prices, from the lowest to the highest because we have so many customers with so many different needs and budgets and our priority is to serve them all equally,” he adds.

Martinez Muebles has evolved from being a factory to a factory and showroom to only a place for exhibition while shopping can be done from the comfort of your home no matter where in the world yo”Our current values remain the same as we had during our almost 100 years of existence,” says Pepe.

They take your needs seriously, the offer only quality no matter what price you pay and it’s all backed by decades of experience.

“During this last generation, we’ve innovated, we’ve added value to our shop by including contemporary styles to our collection with an overall sense of home decor, all of which allows us to provide excellent service and perfectly meet the needs and demands of all our customers.”

Their highly qualified team of experts are constantly monitoring the market to find the best price so you, the customer, doesn’t have to spend time looking for deals.

A quick glance. For more visit their website and delight yourself with the very best.



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