Maremoto’s Recommendations for Safe and Responsible Jet Skiing

Committed to the correct use of jet skis, Maremoto gives us their recommendations for safe, responsible and fun riding along the coast with your family and friends. 

Jet skis are a lot of fun, but it’s necessary to practice caution when riding them, for others, for the environment, and for yourself. Maremoto informs us on how to get the most out of your jet ski while respecting the sea and maintaining water safety conduct. 

Available at Maremoto Sports, Sea-Doo jet skis are great fun, versatile and can be enjoyed alone, as a couple, or on an excursion with family or friends. They offer a unique experience to take in the beauty of nature and the sea, gaining access to stunning coastal views. 

Sea-Doo’s by Maremoto feature the latest technology available in the market. They will make your experience a great nautical day. Live a different summer in Denia, and let yourself be seduced by the wonders of the sea riding a fantastic jet ski.

Navigation areas are available along the gorgeous coast of Costa Blanca, taking you through Denia, Altea, Javea, and Torrevieja. 

Disfruta Responsable – “Enjoy Responsibly” 

As a partner of the association ANEN – (Asociacion Nacional de Empresas Náuticas), Maremoto promotes its safety campaign to encourage jet ski users to practise the utmost safety while getting the best experience possible out of the excursion out on the water. 

During the first day of the IX Nautical Congress organised by ANEN in Valencia on 24th March, the campaign ‘Enjoy Responsibly 2022’ was presented. It’s backed by main manufacturers of jet skis, Sea-Doo and Yamaha, and coordinated by Anen, the National Association of Nautical Companies.

Launched in 2020, the campaign’s main goal is to improve nautical safety and respect for the environment through a more responsible navigation of jet skis, as well as to improve coexistence at sea amongst its various users, and is aimed both private users and professionals who sell and rent jet skis

In addition, the campaign includes information that will allow users to enjoy the coast like never before, providing new routes to visit and nautical destinations. As well as breaking down age prejudices and attracting different users, both young and old, to go jet skiing.

Through social media platforms, users of jet skis receive information and recommendations for safe use of the boats and responsible sailing.

The campaign encourages users to: 

Avoid Risks

  • Always think about your safety and the safety of others.
  • Make sure everyone is using the correct equipment.
  • Always keep a safe distance between jet skis (50 metres minimum).
  • Do not drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • When possible, go out with other people, as long as it is a safe number of bikes.
  • Always follow the instructions in the Rider’s Guide given to you by the dealer when you bought the bike.

Follow the Rules

  • Observe and obey local rules and regulations.
  • Check the weather and sea conditions before you ride to make sure it will be a safe ride.
  • Check that all controls are working properly.
  • Always let someone know the route you are taking and bring a mobile phone or radio to communicate if you need to.
  • Insure your jet ski and have the appropriate licence on board and to hand.
  • Stay out of restricted areas and slow down if necessary.
  • Respect the rules of the harbour where you launch and launch your jet ski.

Take Care of the Environment

  • Don’t litter in the sea.
  • Respect the marine flora and fauna.
  • Make sure your jet ski complies with local environmental permits.

At Maremoto Center in Denia, the team specialises in Sea-Doo jet ski purchases, including second-hand jet skis, as well as technical services. If you’re looking to inquire about renting jet skis and/or excursion services, head to Maremoto Sports in Javea, Denia, Altea, or Torrevieja. 







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