Manuel Alonso: The Culinary Heart Behind Casa Manolo, Daily Gastrobar, and Tasca Matilde

We here at Spain Life have come across what we believe are the best restaurants between Denia and Valencia, and this unique setup from Manuel Alonso has to be seen to be believed. Not only does he have a first-class restaurant, Casa Manolo, but also two adjacent ones where you can enjoy different cuisine in amazing beachfront locations- facing a beautiful sea view for when indulging in your maels. This is the only time we have come across a chain where they are all together under the philosophy of one chef, and today we want to show you why these are so special. 

In the summer season, all three restaurants are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Sunday.

Casa Manolo: From Beachside Chiringuito to Culinary Excellence

Manuel Alonso’s culinary journey began in 1985 when his family founded Casa Manolo on the sandy shores of Daimús. Initially a simple beachside chiringuito, Casa Manolo offered fresh, local seafood. Over the years, driven by Manuel’s passion and dedication, the restaurant transformed into a high-end dining destination. Located on the Paseo Marítimo de la playa de Daimús, Casa Manolo is celebrated for its elegant dishes that maintain a deep respect for their Mediterranean roots. Their prestige is shown through their Michelin star- consecutively held from 2014-2021. Casa Manolo has also earned two Soles de Repsol, reaffirming its status as a temple of national cuisine. 

In the words of Mariola Cubells, “El niño que quería cocinar mirando al mar” encapsulates Manuel’s early dream of becoming a chef while enjoying the coastal views. This dream has been realized with the remarkable success of Casa Manolo.

Daily Gastrobar: Casual Elegance in Daimús

Daily Gastrobar, located in Daimús, is Manuel Alonso’s vision of a relaxed yet refined dining experience. With a daily menu from Monday to Sunday, where you can experience first-class cuisine where the focus is on seasonal, high-quality ingredients served in a casual setting. The menu offers a variety of traditional seafood, tapas, and daily specials.  It is also  located at the front room of its older brother Casa Manolo.

By balancing affordability with top-tier ingredients, Daily Gastrobar honors the origins of Casa Manolo while making exceptional Mediterranean cuisine accessible to a broader audience.

Tasca Matilde: A Mediterranean Haven in Daimús

Tasca Matilde, preserves the tradition and essence of the family’s roots. It is a cozy retreat also located by the sea, and is named in honor of Manuel’s mother. This intimate establishment offers a taste of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, with a menu that includes daily specials, tapas, and rice dishes. Tasca Matilde prides itself on its commitment to fresh, local ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s a place where guests can enjoy the timeless flavors of the region in a warm, familial setting.

Manuel Alonso’s restaurants—Casa Manolo, Daily Gastrobar, and Tasca Matilde—each offer a unique dining experience rooted in Mediterranean tradition and elevated by his innovative touch. Visit these establishments in Daimús to savor the finest in Spanish cuisine, brought to you by a chef who embodies passion, creativity, and a deep respect for culinary heritage.

Contact Details

Casa Manolo

  • Address: Paseo Marítimo de Daimús 5, 46710 Daimús, Valencia
  • Phone: 962 818 568
  • Website: Casa Manolo

Daily Gastrobar

  • Address: Paseo Marítimo de Daimús 7, 46710 Daimús, Valencia
  • Phone: 962 82 52 18
  • Website: Daily Gastrobar

Tasca Matilde

  • Address: Paseo Marítimo de Daimús 9, 46710 Daimús, Valencia
  • Phone:  962 80 20 53
  • Website: Tasca Matilde


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