Majorca – the Dreamy Isle – why you’ll love it…


Majorca or Mallorca – however you choose to say it, and pronounce it – one thing is for sure: You are going to fall in love with this dreamy isle. The largest of the Balearics, Majorca is said to have inspired the composer Chopin and it’s not hard to see why. With a clement temperature of between 50 and 57 °F from November through to February, breath-taking landscapes, calm coastal waters; and a place that is steeped in rich cultural heritage; it’s easy to see why this island is such a popular choice with UK residents in search of some sunshine and a different pace of life.

Majorca Cathedral


Flying into Son Sant Joan, the main airport for Majorca and situated just outside Palma, is one sight that is almost impossible to miss: that of the magnificent 14th Century Gothic cathedral. The aerial view of the Cathedral Le Seu is quite simply amazing and is one of the most famous examples of Gothic architecture throughout Europe. A national and international cultural symbol of Majorca, so ambitious was its design that it took several centuries before it was finally completed.

However, Majorca is not an island purely for architecture addicts. Whilst there are of course breathtakingly beautiful buildings that are centuries old to experience; as well as todays clean lines of innovative buildings for a modern Majorca, born from 21st century designers: this is also one of the top islands for the spirited and the adventurous!

Water Babies

Watersports are a firm favourite in Majorca and it’s easy to see why. With a fantastic beach scene, the island lends itself perfectly to everything from high octane jet skiing – to Kite Surfing, Scuba Diving, Flyboarding – or just the perfect pedalo perusal!



Action and Adventure

Looking for something a little more ambitious? Then why not head away from the beach and behold the rugged beauty and charm of Majorca’s landscape. Hiking the Serra de Tramuntana mountains – which is a World Heritage Site – offers absolutely stunning views of the island and further afield; and there are plenty of tours available for fledgling walkers or simply those who prefer a guide.




For the golf mad there is the fantastic Alcanada Golf Club; one of the most highly rated golfing venues on the island; and for those who have an eye for elegant style and the optimum in relaxation, the Talise Spa, within the five star Jumeirah Port Sóller Hotel is an absolute must.




Majorca’s pace of life is slower than the frenetic pressures to be found in many UK cities and larger towns. This richly cultural yet effortlessly modern island has a tapestry of Spanish symbolism woven tightly into its soul – and yet it enjoys the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands and very much has its own identity and customs.

Food and Drink

Majorcan cuisine is centred around fresh fish and vegetables, pork – including the famous Sobrassada sausage, with its distinctive spicy taste – and of course the generous use of high grade olive oil and garlic.

Agriculture is a crucial part of the Majorcan economy, alongside tourism, and the central regions are devoted to farming. One can find citrus fruits, almonds, olives and other soft fruits like apricots and grapes growing wild as well as cultivated – just as they have for centuries before.

In recent years demand has grown for gourmet sea salt from the region, and the salt plains of the south east of the island are now producing flavoured salts to meet demand from the global market.

Majorca’s local produce is celebrated throughout the autumn months, with many festivals dedicated to olives, mushrooms, pumpkins, the sobrassada sausage, honey – and of course – the plentiful wine produced from the islands vines. Delicious!


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