Luxury Living decorates and designs your spaces with the sophistication your villa deserves

Luxury Living not only sells furniture that enhances each interior and exterior space of the home, but also offers luxury art to improve the look of every corner and designs interiors so that each space looks perfect.

The Costa Blanca is lucky to have the sophistication of Lujo Luxury Living which, if anything, stands out for its elegant and sophisticated collection of Eichholtz furniture, art and decorative objects that it selects daily to offer and display in its Finestrat showroom.

Many local people as well as tourists who have their summer villas in the Alicante area, come to La Marina Shopping Centre to find inspiration in Lujo Luxury Living as well as to receive advice from its staff.

Luxury Living Luxury works on custom projects with 3D render design, planning interior design for many clients who need someone to help them define how their home spaces will be.

There’s nothing like walking through the door back home and being able to experience that feeling of inhabiting a place that really pleases you, that feels cozy, where the colors are perfectly in tune, where the textures play off each other offering a unique harmony and where the entire space offers a climate of relaxation and elegance from each decorative object, each art on the walls and each particular detail.

Luxury Living Luxury is a specialist in raising the sophistication of interior spaces, especially with Eichholtz items that are of top quality and design. Luxury Luxury Living has been doing this type of work for years and that explains why a showroom can feel as cozy and magical as the one in Finestrat, where you want to enter and take absolutely everything with you.

Luxury Living is the official distributor of Eicholtz on the Costa Blanca, a brand whose furniture is pure magic, modern, innovative, elegant and cool that improve any space where they are placed.

Take a tour of Luxury Living’s showroom and let yourself be inspired by its art, furniture and ideas. A one-way trip!


Centro Comercial La Marina
Avinguda Pais Valencia 2
03509 Finestrat (Alicante)

+34 692 37 24 46 · ·



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