Lujo Luxury Living The Interior Designer For Some of The Best Restaurants In the Costa Blanca

When dining out, a good review isn’t only based on the cuisine; the atmosphere of a restaurant also plays a vital role in the whole experience.


It takes skill to design an atmosphere that compliments the menu and the interior architecture of a place, and the team at Lujo Luxury Living was able to capture exactly what the client required in this project here below.



We are talking about the wonderful Saga restaurant in Moraira, located on the lovely beach of L’Andrago, it is a  place to unwind and eat exquisite cuisine in an ambiance that the team at Lujo Luxury has designed to emanate elegance while yet achieving that Mediterranean feel that helps diners feel more at home and immersed in the dining experience, which may be anything from a relaxed, elegant evening to a quick, lively meal.



Restaurant operators nowadays understand that their establishments must be more than just a location to have a bite to eat. People do more than just eat at restaurants – they chill, work, celebrate, meet, and so on. Lujo Luxury Living will transform your Interior that convert restaurants into people’s go-to spots where they can do more than just eat.

They are experienced enough not only in Spain but also in Holland where they carried out numerous projects where they always put all their passion and commitment. The care and professionalism with which they handle their clients, as well as the surroundings they have created, ooze brightness, elegance, and good taste.

Lujo illustrates exactly what they provide in every project: pleasant spaces with their own distinct flair that have been thoughtfully constructed. Their floor, their murals… as soon as you enter inside their showroom, you will understand what we mean, as their complexities will draw your attention and you will see mirrored the love that Lujo has placed into this amazing project.


About Lujo Luxury Living


Lujo Luxury Living is a showroom in Teulada-Moraira on the Costa Blanca that brings home the luxury sensation that many of us want. They collaborate with the greatest manufacturers and artisans to design your individual furniture, offering well-known, high-quality Dutch and worldwide brands such as Eichholtz and Mansi London which are the exclusive distributors on the Costa Blanca among others.




Mansi London


So, if you live on the Costa Blanca and want to turn your property into a warm home or brighten up any space, they are definitely the destination for timeless, quality furniture, home décor, lighting, and much more in the delightful town of Teulada.




Pl. Gabriel Miró, 03725

Teulada, Alicante, Spain

692 372 446



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