Local Delicacies from Costa del Sol: the Boquerón of Málaga

The Boquerón fish is not just a symbol of the province, but is also a popular nickname for the people of Málaga, one of which they are proud.

The Boquerón fish is largely found in the Alboran Sea around the coast of Málaga and has a distinct aromatic flavour, which favours it being freshly cooked. The distinctive development of the Boquerón is attributed to the dynamics of the feeding grounds. The ebb and flow of waters through the Straits of Gibraltar washes a nutrient rich biomass from the depths of the Atlantic into the warmer Mediterranean and it is this ‘superfood’ that gives the Boqueron it’s unique character.

The boquerón is usually prepared following a traditional recipe that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Boquerones fritos are the most popular and traditional way to cook Boquerones in the Málaga area. Clusters of Boquerones are coated in a thick batter, shaken in flour and deep fried in olive oil. The Boquerones should be eaten whole as the spines are soft, easily digested and present no risk of harm, they are in fact a good source of calcium. There are numerous other ways of preparing Boquerones, such as Abierto al limón – cleaned, marinated in lemon and then fried and Boquerones en vinagre – another popular dish in which they are marinated in vinegar and served cold. No visit to the Costa del Sol would be complete without trying a plate of Boquerones or Malaga’s other traditional dish, Grilled Sardines – the espetos de sardinas.

The Day of the Victorian Boquerón

Boquerón Vitoriano has such fame and effect that lately there have even been parties in its honour. It is the case of the municipality of Rincón de la Victoria, which on the second Sunday of the month of September, celebrates the day of the Boquerón Vitoriano, which closes the tourist season and pays tribute to the star product of its cuisine. During this three day festival, visitors and locals can taste this delicacy while they stroll along the promenade, as well as different products from the local cuisine, with the entertainment in charge of Panda de Verdiales. At the same time, a gastronomic competition is held with young professionals of the local cuisine, with anchovies Málaga starring as the main ingredient.

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