Llobell Cortell: The Ultimate Dental Clinic in the Costa Blanca


With a long family history, Clínica Llobell Cortell has over 80 years of experience treating its patients with dedication, care, and precision.



The Llobell family has been at the forefront of dental care in Valencia for almost 80 years now as Enrique Llobell Gauchi, Arturo Llobell’s great-grandfather, founded it in 1934. Following on from there Arturo Llobells grandfather was the head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department of the Hospital La Fe in Valencia, which is the leading Hospital in the Comunidad Valenciana.

Arturo’s father was also head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in two Hospitals in Valencia (Centro de Rehabilitación de Levante and Casa de la Salud), as well as former president of the Spanish Dental Society and Valencian Dental Board (Colegio de Odontólogos) so the history and skills of the family and their clinic holds no bounds and it has gone on to be the leading clinic in so many areas of dental surgery.

Arturo is now the fourth generation of this family of specialists, a legacy in dentistry, oral surgery, dental aesthetics, and advanced prosthodontics at the clinic, which has a long history now as stated of taking normal dentistry to a new level.

Arturo is well regarded by his peers and patients for sharing his experience and training in the disciplines of periodontics, advanced prosthodontics, and restorative dentistry, which he received both in the United States and in Europe. After graduating from dentistry, he then pursued his 4-year post-graduate training in the United States receiving certificates in both Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis (fixed prosthodontics) as well as a Master of Science in Oral Biology degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded the Arnold S. Weisgold Award as best resident upon graduation as well as a faculty position. Meticulous clinical work has also led Arturo to be an international clinical advisor for the leading implant company Nobel Biocare, given only to very few clinicians globally.



The Llobell family’s track record speaks for itself, and we here at Spain Life Exclusive’s primary focus is on the treatments they provide, with the goal of restoring a healthy smile through minimally invasive procedures and cutting-edge techniques. Llobell Cortell is not interested in showy advertisements or grandiose promises as this is not in their remit as it all comes down to a commitment to dentistry and a calm but focused approach to patient care each day. The accomplishments of the team are self-evident and recognized on a national and worldwide level for their treatment quality and ethics, contributions to research, and training of the next generation of dental practitioners.

The Llobell family has over thirty years of experience in implantology, as they have this unique experience of being one of the first centers in Spain that started to place dental implants. This vast experience has led to extensive knowledge in the field, followed by evolution in treatment protocols and improved treatment outcomes with the use of materials and implants that meet the highest quality standards, those with high clinically proven scientific evidence.

We at Spainlife Exclusive can say that the cases that are treated in Llobell Cortell Clinic are “setting new standards of care” or in other words being taken as a reference as on how certain clinical situations should be dealt with making them a leader in their field of excellence. This has also been made through lectures at some of the most prestigious dental meetings plus seminars and congresses across the world.



Here at Spain Life Exclusive, we strive to uncover the most groundbreaking businesses in their respective industry that we feel benefit the readers the most. Therefore, we can safely say that if you want to receive the best in dental treatment that has a service better than any other then you need to visit LLOBELL CORTELL, and with their vast experience and forward-thinking plans and knowledge, you could not be in safer hands.


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