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If you are concerned about problems such as pollution or stress, you may think that swapping the city for the beach life could improve your life not only in terms of happiness but also in terms of health. Let’s look at the benefits of each with ELYS Relocations: 

Palafrugell, Spain


If you are thinking of buying or renting a house on the beach, in the mountains or a flat in a big city, this post is of interest to you!  Relocation services ELYS Relocations dishes on the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

Making the decision to buy or rent a home is already important, and deciding on the location can be even more so. It’s an issue that can take some time, and more than one “excursion” to get to know the area.

So, our recommendation is that you don’t rush and weigh up what is best for you and your family before making a decision like this. 

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of living on the beach, in the mountains or in the big city.


Green spaces

Overall, however, the results suggest that green spaces are good for those living in urban areas. Those who live near parks or trees tend to enjoy lower levels of air pollution, less noise pollution from human activity and their ability to cool the environment, something that will become increasingly useful as the planet warms.

In addition, natural spaces are conducive to physical and social activities, both of which are associated with a host of benefits.

Time spent in nature has been linked to reduced stress levels. When we go for a walk or simply sit under the trees, our heart rate and blood pressure tend to drop. We also produce more natural “killer cells” – lymphocytes that roam the body hunting for cancerous or virus-infected cells. 

The residents of Vitoria, León, Madrid, Pamplona and Seville have the immense good fortune of living in the five cities with the greenest areas per resident in the whole of Spain.

Pamplona, Spain


Living in the City

It seems that with so many benefits to living in the countryside, we forget that most people end up living in big cities, noisy and full of people. And what we know is that factors such as water quality, air quality, crowds and temperature are conditioning factors and a visit to the beach or mountain from time to time can solve this. 

According to studies, living in the city means that you can suffer from anxiety disorders, depression or schizophrenia to a greater degree than in other environments. From Travermed Gestió Immobiliària we want to give a positive message because living in big cities does not mean having a less healthy life. We can look for moments of relaxation in green communal areas, riverbanks, or a small urban vegetable garden that we set up at home. 

The idea is not to lose the connection with nature so that we can feel good and enjoy activities close to it. 


Some benefits are: 

– Greater access to public services, education, health and culture.

– Cities are better connected than rural and coastal areas, with roads, motorways, public transport.

– In the city you can enjoy social life: restaurants, cinema, theatre…

– In big cities you can be who you want to be, your anonymity and privacy will be what you decide to have. 

The capital of Aragon comes out as the best rated in almost all variables, except for the management of cleanliness. As for Bilbao, it has the weakness of being one of the most expensive cities in Spain, which contrasts with the good score for culture, leisure and sport.

Valladolid, on the other hand, has one of the highest rates of satisfaction with the cost of living. It also has a good range of job opportunities. On the other hand, Cordoba completes the top five and stands out with its satisfaction in the health services criteria.

Cordoba, Andalucia


Malaga and Valencia stand out, above all, for their pleasant climate. The Andalusian city shows weakness in health services, but an improvement in mobility services. Valencia, for its part, boasts a good real estate market.

Gijón is one of the cities with the best mobility in Spain and one of the safest. It also improves notably in terms of cultural offerings, cinema, music and literature. Alicante is, unfortunately, among the worst-rated cities in Spain, with education and cleanliness as the most unfavourable points.



There are many physical and mental benefits to getting up every day near the beach. A study by the English University of Exeter confirmed a few years ago that people who live near the sea have better health than those who live in a city or in the countryside. Some major benefits include: 

  • Improves respiratory problems 
  • Stabilises blood pressure
  • It is good for the joints
  • Fights infections
  • Prevents fluid retention 
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps the skin to heal

The time we spend enjoying spaces like the beach is closely linked to reduced stress levels. Our heart rate and blood pressure goes down, we produce more lymphocytes that help us against “bad cells” or viruses.


The Best Places to Live in Spain and Enjoy the Beach

And the last areas that we are going to add to this list of the 10 best places to live in Spain are the favourite places for sun and beach and nature practically all year round. We do not include the Valencian Community and Catalonia in this distinction because we have already added them to this list. 

These are areas where you can enjoy wonderful beaches and are ideal places if you are looking for sun and beaches. And to these areas we have to add three more to complete the ten promised places:

Southern Andalusia: Andalusia is synonymous with sun and good weather. It is also a pleasant place to live with a great variety of beaches and coastal areas and a great area of cultural traditions such as Carnivals and Easter Week.

The Canary Islands: The Canary Islands are one of the favourite places for tourists and ideal to live all year round if you like the sun and good weather. An average year-round temperature above 20 degrees Celsius is the best guarantee for this.

Balearic Islands: The Balearic Islands are the other ideal destination to live in Spain if what you like is the sea and the beach. Its proximity to the mainland with 

Menorca, Balearic Islands


Costa Blanca: the Jewel of the Mediterranean

The Costa Blanca, Alicante’s Mediterranean coastline, could well be considered the jewel of the Spanish Mediterranean, due to its many qualities that make it without doubt one of the best areas in which to live.

It has no less than 250 km of magnificent beaches, bathed by its clear and clean waters. If having beautiful beaches is a more than positive point, being able to count on a good climate all year round to enjoy them becomes an essential quality. The Costa Blanca is unrivalled in this respect, with one of the best climates on the planet, even guaranteed by the World Health Organisation: 320 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 20 degrees centigrade.

And as if all this were not enough, the province of Alicante also offers a wide range of leisure activities, with a first-class gastronomic offer, a rich cultural heritage and an abundant natural diversity, with numerous mountain ranges, natural parks, lagoons and marine reserves. 

Costa Blanca


ELYS Relocations is Here to Help in Your Move

As a team of ex-pats living in Spain themselves, the professionals at Elys Relocations understand all of your questions and points of concern when it comes to relocating to Spain. 

Elys Relocations will be able to help by incorporating the service of several partners so they can make sure that all your needs are met, in terms of logistics, finance, and even your holistic needs when it comes to preparing the big move. 




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