Likami from Maisolence: Caring for your hands and face during lock-down

As lock-down continues in Spain, and we all concentrate on appropriate hygiene measures, our skin can suffer if we don’t take special care of it. In particular, hands and faces are being washed more than ever, since the guidance is to wash hands often, and for at least 20 seconds. Also, it’s possible for ‘virus drop’ to rest on the face, so you need to be more careful with that too.


The good news is, premium brand Likami, sold exclusively in Spain by Maisolence, has just the right products to care for your skin and keep it clean, healthy, and naturally glowing. Likami products originate from Iceland, where simplicity and integrity matter more than anything. Only plant-based, natural oils and ingredients are used to create Likami’s ‘Superfoods for the Skin,’ so you can be sure that all that extra washing is not causing damage and premature aging to your hands and face.


Hand care




Likami’s Duo Hand and Body Wash is a special, low lather product which is ideal for frequent washing. The formulation means you don’t need to use much water to rinse off the product, and you can also use it in the shower, so one product cares for your whole body. For best results, moisturise with the accompanying body lotion.


The hand and body wash contains aloe vera, which is excellent for softening skin and healing blemishes. Maisolence describes this product as offering:


A superb cleansing experience that refreshes the skin and the spirit.


You don’t need much of this product to clean your hands. However, you do need to be sure to cover the whole surface of the hands, fingers and wrists to be sure to wash away all potentially harmful viruses or bacteria.


If you are feeling stressed – and let’s face it, this situation we are in is indeed stressful – here’s a tip for hand washing. Close your eyes as you wash, listen to the sound of the warm water running over your hands, and enjoy the sensation of the lather on your skin. Just a few seconds of this will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


Complexion Care


Spending a lot of time indoors isn’t good for the complexion. There’s nothing like the sun or the breeze on your face to give you a healthy glow, and boost the circulation. While you have more time on your hands, why not experiment with a new skin care routine that will also help clear toxins, boost circulation, reduce puffiness and smooth out wrinkles?


A popular skin care accessory these days is the crystal skin roller, and Likami offer a fabulous jade model to help to keep your facial skin smooth and clear. The Jade Ritual Kit includes a premium quality jade facial roller, facial serum and intensive hydration cream – in fact, everything you need for healthy, glowing skin.


The great thing about Likami products is, because they are made with natural ingredients, they can be used in combination with your own favourite brands. If you love your moisturiser, you can buy the Facial Essential Serum and Stone Roller set.




Massage 3 – 5 drops of serum into your skin, before using the roller to work it deep into your complexion. Use smooth, upward strokes from neck and the jaw line, taking care not to drag the skin. Use the same technique on the forehead, working upwards towards the hairline. If you have a headache, running the roller horizontally across the eyebrows from the bridge of the nose outwards can help release tension and ease the pain naturally, without the need for medication.


All the products mentioned in this article are available online. Maisolence’s expert skin care consultants are available to answer your questions and recommend the right products for your needs. They are waiting for your email.


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