Li Lé Blue presents its new line of environmentally friendly

Li Lé Blue launches a brand that designs products for water enthusiasts, honoring their connection with the ocean. These cosmetic products are effective and environmentally safe for water sports.

The founders of Li Lé Blue are divers and sailors who, from their personal experience, understand the skincare needs of water sports enthusiasts. Thus, the Li Lé Blue Watersports Hair Care line was born, a unique formula of natural oil blend designed to protect and nourish the hair while you’re in the water. Ideal for scuba diving, surfing, kiteboarding, and swimming.



This cosmetic line is dermatologically tested and complies with ISO 16128 regulations. Using a blend of ecological oils such as jojoba, argan, grape seed, almond, and camellia oleifera, its components are rich in antioxidants, micronutrients, and vitamins, carefully chosen based on their fatty acid content.

This product penetrates the hair shaft to restore its health and integrity, reducing water-induced swelling. Additionally, it contains a very light layer of specific fatty acids that prevents further intrusion of salt and water, protecting the hair from the drying effect of the sea breeze. Furthermore, each component of its packaging is recyclable. The cardboard used for the production of the box is FSC-certified.



The ultra-soft microfiber beach towel is made from recycled post-consumer polyester rPET, managing existing resources and reusing what has already been created.

Li Lé Blue’s towel takes up 70% less space in your luggage and washing machine. Compared to a traditional cotton towel, it uses 58% less energy, 55% less water, and 40% less soap. In total, this amounts to 76% less CO2 emissions, contributing to the planet’s recovery.



These turtle images were captured in the Philippines Archipelago. When the photographer captured their image, the turtle was very curious, perhaps due to its own reflection in the large camera dome. The hope is that many turtles like this one, and other animals, can continue gliding among the world’s reefs.

For this reason, Li Lé Blue is committed to preserving and enhancing the health and diversity of the oceans. The company understands that the planet is changing and that there is much work to be done to revive the oceans. That’s why they work through the non-profit foundation, Blue Ocean Stories Foundation.



There is significant work ahead, such as placing floating buoys to outline the areas of precious coral reefs and supporting the prohibition of dynamite fishing. This protects endangered aquatic species and underwater ecosystems.

By purchasing Li Lé Blue products, the company commits to donating a percentage to various environmental projects. One of them is in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, where the reefs need help. Hence, the origin of the name Li Lé Blue, in honor of a small island in this Indonesian archipelago.


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