Learning more about your abdomen, bloating and local pain

Dr Mera, our Medical expert from Clinica Britannia, explains more about the gallbladder, it’s functions and what abdominal pain and bloating could mean.


The gallbladder is a pouch-like organ that sits underneath your liver, which has the purpose of storing bile produced by the liver. The gallbladder expels the bile into the small intestine through the ducts (small tubes), which helps digest fats.

Although the gallbladder is useful, it is not essential, and can be removed in the case of gallbladder stones (“Gallstones”), or for other medical reasons.

The procedure to remove the gallstones is easy with one of our leading hospitals in Alicante, where waiting lists are not a problem. We can treat you quickly, and allow you to go home the very same day.


Gallstones are made up from substances that become crystalized in the gallbladder. Although they are common, and usually harmless, they can cause discomfort.


Some common symptoms can be:

  • Sudden and increasing pain in the right side or centre of your abdomen
  • Inflammation/ bloating
  • Back pain between your shoulder blades
  • Pain in your right shoulder
  • And vomiting


The affects can last from minutes, to hours, depending on each person. If you consider you might have gallstones after experiencing these issues, it is advised to seek medical attention.

We now have a fast and effective way to treat patients, with the cholecystectomy surgery. This is a procedure to remove the gallbladder, which may be necessary if you experience pain from the stones that block the flow of the bile.

Our cholecystectomy is most commonly performed by inserting a tiny video camera and surgical tools through four small incisions, to see inside the abdomen and remove the gallbladder. This is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy by doctors. However, in some cases a large incision may be performed to remove it, which is called an open cholecystectomy.

If you would like to find out more about these operations, you can contact us at: (+34) 965 837 553 / (+34) 965 837 851 /


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