Le Dauphin: Enchanted Dining by the Mediterranean

Nestled in the picturesque El Portet bay within the charming town of Moraira, stands the remarkable Le Dauphin restaurant. Its Provençal Mediterranean style creates a warm and inviting family setting, while the breathtaking view of the bay and the Peñón de Ifach in Calpe add to its cozy ambiance.


The menu at Le Dauphin reflects a creative French-style cuisine, showcasing dishes crafted from fresh fish sourced directly from the Bay of El Portet. Notable meat selections, such as the Australia Rossini sirloin, grace the menu alongside delectable homemade desserts, an essential feature of any memorable evening spent in Moraira.

Le Dauphin isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an enchanting experience. Perched atop a gentle elevation overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with the backdrop of Cala El Portet and encompassed by surrounding mountains, this establishment captures the essence of Costa Blanca’s magical climate.

Founded in ’93, Le Dauphin has continuously elevated its quality. Everything on its menu is a product of homemade mastery, from tapas to desserts. Yet, beyond the delectable cuisine, the restaurant boasts a unique art collection, further enhancing its allure.

While Mediterranean cuisine dominates, Le Dauphin’s classical French foundation owes its brilliance to Bert Wets, the visionary behind this culinary haven. Having soaked in the culinary arts from Belgium, he channels the best of his experience into this luxurious dining destination.

Le Dauphin is renowned not just for its food but also for its exemplary service. Guests are met with warm welcomes, engaging conversations, and sincere goodbyes, a touch of courtesy that has cultivated a dedicated following over the years.

Quality is paramount at Le Dauphin. Their commitment to using only fresh, non-factory products shines through every dish, be it seafood from the fish market or prime meats like Rubia Gallega. With a menu that refreshes every three months, innovation and surprise are constants for returning patrons and visiting tourists alike.

The menu at Le Dauphin boasts exceptional quality throughout, making any choice a wise one. Bert’s personal recommendations include foie gras, meat selections, and the day’s fresh catch. A testament to its excellence is the enduring loyalty of patrons over the past three decades.


Bert and Karolien, a dynamic chef duo, infuse Mediterranean cuisine with subtle Asian influences, a result of their explorations in Asia. Their dedication to innovation and movement reflects their desire to offer exceptional experiences.

Contact Details:

Address: Calle Puerto Lapice 18, Playa del portet, Moraira -Teulada – El portet

Tel: 966 490 432


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