Las Cuevas: A Menu That Translates into Expressions of Happiness in a Place Where Magic Resides

We mentioned it a while back, that we would be discussing the new menu at Las Cuevas, designed by Roberto Johansen, chef and owner of the restaurant, along with Vladislav Ivanov, Head Chef, to let us experience the true pleasure of dining.

We arrived at Las Cuevas after a drive through orchards, with mountains as the surrounding backdrop, until we reached San Miguel de Salinas, a charming Mediterranean village where Las Cuevas is nestled. No photo found on the internet or any website can capture the marvelous picture of entering this restaurant, a historic place filled with caves that add something unique to the entire Costa Blanca: intimacy.

We were ushered to a simple and perfect table inside one of the caves in this incredibly charming place. It was 6 pm. The restaurant had just opened, yet in a few minutes, every corner was filled with diners from all over Spain, ready to enjoy an evening at this Michelin-starred gem.

The remarkable acoustics ensure that each couple, family, or group of friends dining here can enjoy their chosen corner in perfect privacy. There’s no disruptive noise; you have no idea what the others are doing. It’s like sitting down for dinner in a cozy living room as if you were alone.

The dishes began arriving at the table. So did the wine. It’s worth noting that the entire menu is perfectly paired. Each meat, fish, salad, and dessert has its suggested wine, allowing flavors to meet, smile at each other, and leave you feeling nothing but happiness. Because that’s what good food does, doesn’t it?

A wide variety of dishes graced the table, with around 5 different flavors in each dish, like the perfect formula for harmonious and unconfused palate enjoyment, executed to perfection. And here we were, not knowing where to start.

When a restaurant reaches the level of Las Cuevas, it’s very difficult to talk about “favorites,” but we must confess that this sliced beef tenderloin felt like buying a ticket to paradise itself. That feeling of never wanting the dish to end. A marvel! So, if you visit Las Cuevas for the first time, order the TENDER FILLET STEAK: tranched on oven-roasted potatoes, autumn vegetables, and red wine reduction.

Even before taking a bite, the sensation of observing each dish, with its colors that resemble a painted portrait, told us things. Things that are confirmed once you start tasting and realize it couldn’t be any better.

But it wasn’t just the tenderloin that left a lasting impact; the COD FILLET served on a delicious bed of mashed potatoes was also remarkable. We’re talking about this delightful dish in the photo. Oven-baked skin and boneless, mashed potato, green Thai curry sauce, caramelized carrots.

And it doesn’t end there. Another recommendation, after sailing through their textures and flavors, is to order the RACK OF LAMB: Garlic herb crusted, potato puree, ratatouille, and red wine reduction.


But, as we mentioned earlier, it’s not just about the excellence of each dish but the magic and charm of dining inside a cave, as if you were in another era, yet with all the modern comforts: subtle music that can only brighten your ears, waitstaff coming and going with smiles and a willingness to provide the best service, perfect warm lighting that makes you feel welcomed and never want to leave. Because dining in a place isn’t just about the quality of the food; it’s about the complete experience. And that’s what you find at Las Cuevas. If we had to cross an ocean to dine there, we would. The experience is worth every euro you’re willing to invest in something that is pleasurable from every angle.


And speaking of pleasures, dessert arrived on the table! The saying “mouth-watering” turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Three dishes appeared before our eyes. And each one we tasted surpassed the previous. We later realized that they were all marvelous. In this order: CRÈME BRULÉ: Cranberry & amaretto; the spectacle of the CHOCOLATE SPHERE: White chocolate sphere with warm caramel, dry fruit chutney, fresh fruits of the season, vanilla ice cream, and STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING: Moist sponge cake, finely chopped dates, toffee sauce & vanilla ice cream. We’ll let the images speak for themselves.

We were more than satisfied, yet it was impossible to stop eating when everything led to extreme enjoyment. Robert Johansen left us speechless once again, as did his creative partner, Vladislav.

Now, all that’s left is for you to start the car and drive to these magical caves to experience what might become a culinary adventure you’ll never forget.


Tues – Sun 18.00 – 22:00. Monday closed.


Contact details

Calle Torrevieja no 1 San Miguel de Salinas​ | Alicante | Spain

(0034) ‎965 03 34 44




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