La Perla: A Culinary Voyage in Jávea

Nestled along the sun-drenched shores of Jávea, where the Mediterranean whispers its tales, lies a culinary gem that transcends mere dining—La Perla. This family-owned establishment, rooted in heritage and an unwavering commitment to excellence, stands as the epitome of gastronomic delight in this charming coastal town.

Founded in 1984 by their parents, innkeepers with a passion for culinary finesse, La Perla embraced the essence of Alicante Mediterranean cuisine from its inception. Their journey transformed in 2000, evolving to showcase the bounty of fresh local produce, a testament to their dedication to quality and authenticity.

From Sea to Table

At La Perla, the story begins with the sea, as they curate a menu brimming with treasures from the Mediterranean waters. Embarking on a culinary voyage, patrons encounter meticulously selected merchandise, sourced from France’s distant shores—oysters that whisper tales of distant tides. Yet, it is the locally-sourced delicacies that steal the spotlight, harvested from the Jávea market and northern Galicia’s coastal havens. Clams, razor clams, sea urchins, and cockles dance on plates, each a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to the freshest of offerings.

The culinary magic unfolds as these delicacies are caressed by olive oil and garlic, a gentle seasoning that allows the natural flavors to shine. La Perla’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “From the sea to the table,” where each dish becomes a canvas painted with the essence of the Mediterranean.

Culinary Alchemy with a View

Beyond the exquisite cuisine, La Perla is a haven for those seeking a sensory feast. The panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean, the embrace of the surrounding mountains, and the quaint charm of Jávea serve as an enchanting backdrop to an unforgettable dining experience.

What sets La Perla apart isn’t just the delectable fare; it’s the embodiment of excellence in service. Every interaction is a symphony of warmth and attentiveness, a testament to their commitment to hospitality.

Spain Life Exclusive proudly celebrates La Perla as the crowned jewel of Jávea. It stands not just as a restaurant but as a sanctuary for those seeking culinary splendor. And in partnership with Costas Exclusive Restaurants, La Perla presents an unparalleled dining experience—an alliance of esteemed establishments, a union of excellence.

Contact details

Avenida de la Libertad, 2 Local 2 Playa del Arenal, 03730 Jávea

Telepfone: 966 47 07 72


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