La Muntanya d’Alacant – Alicante Mountains

Alicante Mountains

Each year people flock to the Costa Blanca for the three S’s: Sun, Sea and Sand. However, lately more people are leaving behind the beaches and heading inland to enjoy the delights and sheer beauty of the Alicante Mountains.

Within the mountains are soaring limestone peaks and hidden in between are the lush terraces and the olive groves that combine together to create an awe-inspiring view. The range is fantastic for people interested in walking and trekking and there is even the chance to do some very interesting mountain scrambling.

The mountains are located in the North West province of Alicante and are almost equal distance between Valencia (North) and Alicante (South).

Mountain Goat

Even though they are gaining popularity, it still remains largely undiscovered by walkers and hikers. The mountains do not have a generic name even though Alicante is the most mountainous province on mainland Spain. They are officially known as “La muntanya d’Alacant” in the Valencian language. This simply means the Alicante Mountains.

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