K(itchen) Culture designs found in Arrital Valencia

The kitchen is not a place where you consume food. It is a space where rituals unfold. The ritual of living. It is K(itchen) Culture.


In this day and age, kitchen becomes the protagonist of the home, at the same time characterizing the living space. Arrital Valencia, exclusive distributor of Arrital Cucine from Italy, designs a special unique space for their customer.



Glass, wood, “green” recycled materials which can be recycled again, technologically advanced and innovative materials which embody the warmth of tradition and trending materials. All underpinned by the Arrital’s vision of the kitchen: Research, Design, Technology and Emotion.


For Arrital, Quality Management is not a commitment to a rule. It’s choosing of a way to operate, a company approach which brings clients and their satisfaction at the centre of its attention. It’s for that Arrital received the “100 Eccellenze Italiane” award.


Arrital has several International Design Awards.

Product Collection of Design Kitchen

Simplifying complexity to make innovation available to everyone: Arrital Cucine proposes a “project system” which can fulfill a wide variety of requirements in terms of taste and target, flanked by three iconic design models for users who are looking for unique and exclusive furnishing solutions.


Design: Arch. Franco Driusso


Innovation, design and respect for the environment. This is the main theme behind Ak_04 aesthetical neatness and sustainability.

High-tech solutions and product versatility that go hand in hand with the sustainable approach to implement design innovation and functionality of the product.

The kitchen is not perceived as the place to merely “cook” any more, but a place to “live”.

Innovation and research evolve the project Ak_04 by expanding the range of materials with new tactile finishes and colours: 6 nanotech Fenix Ntm®,

laminates offer resistant and unalterable soft-touch surfaces.

4 Antique Oak, with distinctive knots and splits on the surface, and 3 Brushed Fiammato Oak wood finishes give a warm tactile sensation.

6 glossy and 6 frosted glass in 4mm. thickness and three layers painted give formal and chromatic elegance.

The evolution of materials continues incessant to achieve more exclusivity.


AK_04. Kitcken design by Arrital
AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital


AK_04 is a modern project that combines modular flexibility, technology and new materials.

The doors are made essentially from a patented extruded aluminium frame: lightweight, solid, slim, enhancing the value of the kitchen combined with 4 and 6 mm-thick front panels.


AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital


Composition featuring and elegant Frosted glass, used for doors, countertops and finishing sides. Ak_04 glass is also available in Glossy finished. It is produced with three coating of paint able to avoid the shadow effect in case of reflections or internal lights. The glass is tempered and Extra-light to comply with security regulations and with a purer look.


AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital


Upmost elegance and formal appearance in this 6 mm thick Glaciar White Corian® Composition. Both doors and tops are in the world famous Dupond material which has now been used in furniture and architecture for years thanks to the top performances.


AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital
AK_04. Kitchen design by Arrital


A composition which simultaneously furnishes one space with two functions: kitchen and living. The library section divides the working area from the entertainment area, the latter featuring a large saw-effect heat-treated oak table. The tall units and wall units doors are in Glacier White Corian®.

Elements built from thin sheets of stainless steel give a light look to the composition, without compromising its resistance. The saw-effect heat-treated oak, also in thin sheets, is used for the doors and the peninsula table.


You can visit our showroom in Valencia, Calle Burriana 51.

To find out more information before you go you can visit: or call 963 22 39 72

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