Kick-Start Health and Weight Loss with La Sella Spa

Sadly, there are no shortcuts to true weight loss. However if you want to take good care of your body, and lose an inch or two of retained water for a slimmed down look, then La Sella Spa recommends their Detox Experience. As well as the health benefits of detox, green tea and a relaxing massage, this treatment will leave your skin smooth and refreshed. It’s a great way to start a health kick too, as the feelings of positivity and relaxation will motivate you.


How the Detox Experience Works

First you are given a warm, full-body seaweed wrap. This treatment will literally shrink you by drawing out extra water and toxins with your sweat. Next your skin is exfoliated, and then you’ll relax in a milk and lotus flower bath to make sure your skin is really soft.

A lymphatic massage will soothe you, as well as encourage your body to keep detoxing itself. Finally, you’ll be invited for a green tea in a relaxing room specially designed for winding down in after your treatments. This backs onto a beautiful terrace with a water feature and stunning views of the lush, green golf course. Many people swear by green teas’ slimming properties. If you’re starting a health kick, this is the perfect place for you to relax, enjoy a cup, and start a new good habit.

14315782_10154422973496000_1101042677_oWhere the magic happens – the detox room and specially designed bath where you’ll relax after your wrap.

Sustaining the Effects

Paula Bañuls, the spa manager, says that to fully sustain the slimming effects that this treatment gives you, you would have to have it done every few days or at least once a week. This isn’t always possible with everyone’s time and budget. Luckily the treatment works just as well for a one-off as it does over time.

Slim for a Special Occasion

The detox wrap leaves your skin feeling firmer and as smooth as silk, as well as slimming your silhouette a little. This makes the treatment perfect before a special event. It can be a real confidence booster for brides-to-be just before their big day. The wrap and detox are very similar to the ones used by many celebrities just before a big occasion. You may not plan on attending the Oscars any time soon, but if you’ve got an event or party coming up then detoxing will definitely help you feel red carpet ready.


A Day at the Spa

La Sella Spa wants you to have the most relaxing experience possible during your visit. Everything you need is provided for you – towels, robes and any products you may need. All you have to bring is yourself and a swimming costume. While you’re there you can also take advantage of the indoor pool with relaxing jets, the outdoor jacuzzi, or the sauna rooms. You could also book hair and beauty treatments. La Sella also offer special bridal hair and makeup packages, so you can be fully prepared for your big day.

If you’d like to experience the incredible benefits of the Detox Experience, then call La Sella Spa on 966 469080.

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