Are you looking to keep fit and attend now a gym to get you in shape?

If you are looking for a gym, look no further, as Spain Life Exclusive has found the perfect one for you. Now that summer is over it is the perfect time to achieve those goals. If your objective is to get in the best shape of your life, then Club Fit Jávea gym is the ideal place for you.


Now the mood may have taken you to want to get in shape and you may have never been to a gym before. But either way, there are many people who, like you, need to find that final push and when they do, they can finally see all the benefits and rewards. At Club Fit Jávea they always look at the individual and are experts on making you feel comfortable and assist you at all times on your needs. In this gym they can also take this a step further and create for you a training routine that will go hand in hand with what you need and will overall make you feel confident, so you will want to come back again and again.


Experts recommend at least one hour of exercise a day and a balanced diet to lead a healthy life. In addition, if you exercise regularly you will feel better, stronger and lighter every day, you will breathe better and sleep well. It is also proven that sport has positive effects in the fight against stress and depression, and also improves our cardiovascular system. If you are on the Costa Blanca and want to achieve your health and wellness goals, at the Club Fit Jávea gym you will find all the tools you need. They provide the equipment and you provide the effort.


Train in Club Fit Jávea gym


Keep moving

Club Fit Jávea is a complete gym founded by Peter and Mika Fitz. They knew that exercising can be fun and rewarding and they wanted to share the positive effects that training has on the body, mind and soul. This is how this gym started and where you will find a wide range of facilities, such as a cardio fitness room with heart rate monitoring system, a functional training area with strength machines, two rooms for collective classes and a cafeteria with free Wi-Fi connection.


In addition, they offer more than varied classes that adapt to the pace and abilities of each person. You can participate in fun dance classes, such as Zumba, LaDanza! or DrumBeats, and also in cardio classes ideal for losing weight and enhancing your fitness, such as spinning or Jumping. If you are looking for a stronger sport, you can opt for H.I.T. and MMA (mixed martial arts), such as CrossFight, CrossPower and XtremeFit.


The best gyms in Jávea


Do you want to improve your body and increase your athletic performance? Functional training is for you. You can try CrossTrain, CrossFunc and CoreStix. And to relax, strengthen your spiritual balance and tone your body they offer Pilates and stretching classes, among others. If all this sounds odd to you, visit Club Fit Jávea and sign up for a free trial day to discover their complete facilities and their high-end guided classes.


Training adapted for each person

If you do not know where to start the trainers will perform a physical fitness test and will recommend the most appropriate program for you and your goals. If you want to recover from an injury, prepare for a competition or have a very specific goal in mind, this gym also offers personal training with private lessons. Your own coach can help you with specific sports rehabilitation exercises to recover from your injury and help you with nutritional advice to teach you how to eat well according to the goals you have set for yourself. From there, you only have to enjoy the cosy atmosphere and the familiar treatment of the staff, which will make you feel at home, so that your motivation levels will increase day by day.


Club Fit Jávea is your gym to keep fit


Don’t put off till tomorrow, start today at the gym. You can choose the type of subscription that you like, either annual or monthly. And you can even opt for day passes if you prefer to try the facilities. Regular exercise is essential to stay in good shape. Choose a healthy life and start exercising today. For more information, please visit their website or find them on social media.



Club Fit Jávea

Centro Comercial Monver Xàbia, Calle Roma, 3, Jávea – 03730 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 865 664 888 and +34 602 211 051


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