Jill Lindberg, a lady of passion and style behind Los Bandidos Restaurant

Jill Lindberg, the owner of Los Bandidos for 37 years, is an embodiment of passion and love for life. We recently had the immense pleasure of conversing with her and  it was a truly memorable experience and therefore today we would like to share her story with you, along with a hearty recommendation to dine at her exclusive restaurant  Los Bandidos in Puerto Banus.

Marbella over the years has seen many celebrities and business owners come to these shores and do well and some of them come and go but one lady that Marbella and in particular Puerto Banus Marina still is incredibly fortunate to have is Jill Lindberg  who is at the helm of one of Puerto Banus’s finest restaurants… but who exactly is Jill Lindberg?


Born in Cairo, she moved to Cannes, France, at a very young age. By the age of 7, she was already living in Sweden because her parents were successful in their careers and had to move for work at these times. Her mother was involved in politics in Sweden, and her father was an entrepreneur. This upbringing shaped Jill’s education in Sweden, where she later attended university to study political science, earning her degree.

After graduation, she relocated to Marbella, once again alongside her parents. Today, Jill is fluent in five languages, having studied them both in school and at the university. She is a woman with a strong will and a solid work ethic, attributes that made her resilient in every aspect of life, despite not receiving much affection from her parents, who were financially comfortable but busy in their careers  Jill was determined and  very outgoing to make her own career and life a success.

As Jill began to socialize and meet people in Marbella, the jet set era of the ’60s and ’70s attracted celebrities like Sean Connery, Omar Sharif, and many others to the area and she mixed with these stars and went to the same clubs and places and over time, she formed a friendship with a friend who was a woman ten years her senior. When Jill was 25, this woman decided to open a restaurant due to her culinary skills, but it struggled until Jill was asked to advise and assist.

Soon, Jill took charge of the restaurant named La Fondue at the age of 25, lending her culinary skills and local connections. After taking a six-month rent break to get things started, she turned it into a resounding success. Many local artists and entrepreneurs began frequenting La Fondue over the next two years, further establishing Jill’s culinary prowess. As a skilled communicator, she earned a stellar reputation.

After two years, she sold the restaurant to a Spanish gentleman who turned it into a Tortuga-style eatery that wasn’t needed in Puerto Banus. Jill, on the other hand, embarked on a new project in Marbella. Her vision was to open a small café offering traditional Swedish sandwiches and pastries. This takeout shop gained immense popularity over the next four years as new residents and visitors flocked to Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Jill later launched a new venture called PAN Y PAN, open daily from 12 noon to 6 pm, serving both takeout and freshly prepared food for on-site  and take away consumption as she was always focused on new ideas and trends and this worked well. The locals and tourists adored it. She maintained her determination to succeed, combined with a strong work ethic, which allowed her to achieve so much as a young woman in Marbella, despite numerous advances from gentlemen who were drawn to her beauty and charming personality.

Afterwards, she purchased her first apartment in Puerto Banus and subsequently met a German gentleman whom she eventually married. He operated shops selling the latest jeans, which were highly popular at the time. While successful in business, their marriage sadly  lasted only five years. Later however she met Kurt Lindberg, whom she married, hence her current surname. Kurt brought the idea of a new restaurant in the Puerto Banus area and Jill wanted to start her new venture.

In 1986 therefore, Jill opened Los Bandidos, quickly turning this restaurant into a resounding success with her innovative menu ideas and special ingredients. She travelled to countries for ideas like Italy, where she met Alfredo, the inventor of Fettucini, and incorporated culinary ideas like these into her restaurant. Jill has therefore retained the same chef for 22 years. Today, nine chefs work at Los Bandidos, faithfully following her ideas and menus and making sure the service and style is second to none.

She continued crafting over the years some of the best dishes and menus that have stood the test of time, even now, 37 years later. Her dedication to her work and her pursuit of excellence remain unwavering at the age of 76. Her passion and love for what she does is unbreakable, and Jill is healthy, fit, and sharp. She runs this business with a style and elegance that have never left her.

If you wish to dine in Puerto Banus, Los Bandidos is the place to visit, as you might just have the chance to meet Jill. After spending two hours in her company, I can assure you that sitting down with her and discussing life in general is a wonderful experience. Her passion for food means you will be delighted to have done so.

Her passion for business and life is as strong as ever today, and she admits that she will continue with the restaurant until her departure from this world. Her beloved home in Marbella and all her assets will largely go to dog rescue shelters and animal causes, when she departs as she cares for them as much as she does for her restaurant. She is a remarkable and rare individual in these times, and we are proud to share her story. Jill Lindberg, a lady who achieved it all on her own with determination and passion.


The menu embodies Jill Lindberg’s soul and many of her favorite dishes, blending family recipes with classic plates presented with magic and innovation, including some with Scandinavian influence. The entire Los Bandidos team works tirelessly to ensure that customers receive the best service. With many years of knowing each other, positive energy is transmitted to diners, creating an extremely pleasant atmosphere. It’s worth noting that Los Bandidos boasts a floating garden adorned with fresh flowers and bursts of color, a key element in making guests feel welcomed and cheerful.


 Los Bandidos invites you to savor classic and innovative cuisine in an elegant yet casual setting in the privileged location of Puerto Banus. Everything on the menu is so delectable that it’s difficult to single out one recommendation. The list of appetizers is extensive, offering classics like tuna tartare, acorn-fed Pata Negra ham, duck foie gras terrine, and snails with garlic butter, spices, and fine herbs, among many other options to satisfy all palates.

Los Bandidos’ menu also boasts a wide variety of salads, such as the mixed option with vinaigrette or roquefort cheese, cherry tomato, fresh goat cheese, and basil salad, or the Swedish-style lobster salad, which is an absolute delight, among other culinary treasures. Additionally, it offers a daily soup or homemade consommé with crispy parmesan.

The selection of meats and poultry at Los Bandidos is sure to leave you breathless. Choices include beef tenderloin, sirloin, scallops, scallop slices, lamb chops, and duck Magret medallions, among many other options prepared with a fascinating combination of colors and textures.

Of course, fresh and hard-grain pasta options are also available, including mouthwatering spaghettini and fettuccine with unbeatable sauces. And let’s not forget the seafood and fish offerings! Norwegian salmon, red prawns, grilled crayfish, lobster, turbot, sole, sea bass, and countless other options take full advantage of the variety provided by the Mediterranean Sea.

Perhaps the crowning jewel is “Los Bandidos Classics.” We strongly encourage you to immerse yourself in a total gastronomic pleasure experience by trying any of the dishes offered in the Classics section, as they truly set this restaurant apart from other culinary establishments.

We recommend making reservations well in advance, as the restaurant consistently draws a crowd throughout the year.


Reservations are accepted by phone only: +34 952 815 915 or +34 654 018 967


Contact Details:

Muelle Ribera 35, Puerto Banús, 29660 Nueva Andaucía, Marbella (Málaga)

Directions from Málaga: Take the exit from the A-7 or N-340 highway and follow the signs to Puerto Banús.

Phone: +34 952 815 915

Mobile: +34 654 018 967






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