Jessica Darch: An Eclectic Artist Showcasing Her Art on the Costa del Sol

Jessica Darch is a self-taught artist who devotes her entire life to creating beautiful works. Every day, she works to reflect an art that is delightful to behold in murals and specialized paintings. She will soon exhibit her murals in Estepona; Costa del Sol, but to introduce you to her, we want to share some of her works.

The artist was born in the United Kingdom and studied architecture at Kingston University (BA Hons 1991). Since then, she has never been able to stray far from art. Color and composition are her guiding principles, and her preferred medium has always been the canvas. Her works represent personal concepts, specializing in combining murals with painting.

Her compositions make an impact. She juxtaposes colors and dimensions, formats, and expansive surfaces. She demonstrates pure talent by combining different materials and media with bold brushstrokes, also employing transparency and malleability.

Birth of Venus Mural                                  Bella Navetta painting


Jessica Darch has collaborated with architects and interior designers in various countries around the world, including Spain, London, Miami, New York, Turin, Frankfurt, and Nassau. This has given her a broad perspective wherever she channels her art.



Jessica is a marvel when it comes to creating murals, street art, and special effects on the walls of private homes or public spaces, transforming terraces, rooms, and pool areas.

Tropical Terrace Mural

Whether using watercolors on plexiglass or canvas, the artist’s work is eclectic, with her murals standing out, often executed on a large scale and sometimes at considerable heights. She knows perfectly well how to fill spaces with warmth and freshness through her art and has no limits when it comes to imagining scenes full of beauty.



The innovation of showcasing art on this medium results in a translucent and glossy finish. These works can be created at any scale and, to add a dramatic sense of depth, can be backlit with LED lighting, creating another dimension. They can also be curved or shaped to become more sculptural.

Green Waves


Jessica Darch has tirelessly worked in the art world for 30 years, to the point where living outside of it is impossible for her. Throughout these years, she has demonstrated versatility as an artist, with a great ability to adapt her style to different projects.

Circular Plexiglás

Today, she is working to refine these works that will be exhibited in various towns along the Costa del Sol, taking advantage of the summer season as a great attraction, with tourists strolling along the beaches and towns in search of inspiration.

Sunset Sailing Plexiglás


Contact details:

WhatsApp: +34 659 11 74 94

Phone: +34 659 11 74 94


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