The Irresistible Desserts of Puerto Blanco Restaurant

“There is no better way to bring people together than with desserts” said Gail Simmons and we couldn’t agree more especially when we take the delight of trying the sweet creations of Puerto Blanco restaurant in Calpe.

With chocolate or merengue, with caramel or fruit, with ice cream or crumble – the sweet creations designed by Chef Patrick Manguette and his team are spectacular and original and also, like everything else you will find on the menu of Puerto Blanco – entirely home-made. The family run restaurant in Calpe is well known for their original creations in haute cuisine and their innovative approach to the way their dishes are conceived and presented. And the desserts make no exception.

Everything from the menu is a feast for the taste as well as for the eye as you can see, and the sweet combinations of shortbread crust and soft filling, crunchy black chocolate and creamy milk chocolate, as well as their refreshing fruit desserts will surely be the best ending for your dining experience at Puerto Blanco.

Let’s take one of the desserts for which the team of Puerto Blanco also show us all the steps in how they create the dish. Their Lemon Curd featured in the video below shows us how individual ingredients are placed as the presentation of this dessert is unique and spectacular: the meringue lays at the bottom as a base for the rest of the ingredients: the sweet shortbread crust, the cream cheese layer, the lemon curd, the whipped cream and the ice cream. The dessert also comes beautifully decorated with edible flowers in contrasting and cheerful tones.

For more on Puerto Blanco restaurant in Calpe, check their website and make your reservation by calling +34 965 830 977 or + 34 677 544 021.

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