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Hi Folks,

Over the coming weeks and month’s I’ll be sharing my 30 years experience in business, financial services, mortgages and banking with you.

jane-hughesDon’t switch off yet..!

I aim to provide a bit of comedy, anecdotes, and real life situations I have been in. I lived with the Yorkshire Farmers when BSE struck, lived through the banking crisis, sat on the board of Norther Rock, and told them ‘don’t be so silly’, and am still here to tell the tale.

As the daughter of a Miner, in Barnsley, I was brought up to not ‘live off the state.’ Funny, as my first job was at the dole office, during the miner’s strike. I will tell you more about this as you read my forthcoming articles.

My aim is to get you sharper, up to date, and savvy whilst here in Spain – not taken in by salesmen, conned by crooks, or sold to under pressure. I provide straight talking, common sense advice for individuals and business, and my aim is to improve your income and earnings whilst here in Spain.

In my first job (at the dole office) I had to make a cheque out (remember those?)

It was to ‘Mary Christmas’.

She was a pensioner in her 70’s, very grateful for the extra Xmas allowance. This is all true!

I hope that you look forward to my forthcoming articles.

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