Interview with Insparya’s Jose Carlos Caballero: Why More Men Are Getting Hair Transplants

Insparya Clinics in Madrid and Marbella are re-shaping men’s confidence forever. We spoke to Dr Jose Carlos Caballero to get the inside scoop on why the treatment is becoming increasingly popular, and what patients can expect.

Dr Jose Carlos Caballero 


Revolutionary hair transplant clinic Insparya in Madrid and Marbella are helping men all over Europe regain their confidence forever. 

Insparya Hair Company is the largest medical clinical group in Europe that specialises in hair transplants. To date, they’ve accumulated a number of 45,000 successful hair transplant procedures and elated customers. 

In addition, the Insparya Marbella clinic is an active part of the group’s research unit, being associated with the Insparya Research department led by Dr Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of Insparya, in collaboration with the University of Porto, where studies on the use of stem cells for the multiplication of follicular units, among other lines of technological and biomedical research, are carried out.

Even world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is a firm believer in the company and is also a co-founder. With seven clinics in Europe, Insparya counts on a ream of over 300 employees, including 40 doctors, nurses, consultants and assistants. 

Having been met with raving reviews and bountiful success, Insparya has been able to recently open a new clinic in Marbella. It’s clear that more and more are deciding to take the plunge and do something for themselves, resulting in a life-changing decision to boost their confidence. 


Interview with Dr Jose Carlos Caballero 

We had the opportunity to speak with Dr Jose Carlos Caballero, the Marbella clinic’s Medical Director, about what patients can typically expect throughout the process. 


Q1: Why do you think that more and more men are getting hair transplants now?

For a long time, many men have been a bit careless in regards to their image. However, men take just as much pride in their appearance as women do. In recent times this has changed, and more men are deciding to do something practical about it. 

Our culture has a  fixation on youth, and many people face hair loss feel and in turn pressured to do something about their condition. 


Q2: How do patients normally feel about their first consultation, nervous/excited? How do you help to calm them?  

They tend to be much more excited than nervous. Knowing that your baldness can be resolved in just over 6 hours in a single day without risks, you can look younger and do away with your insecurities, it puts your self-esteem where it should be. As a result, it can only cause excitement and illusion. 


Q3: How long until you get to work on the first procedure? Are there any preparations that the patient has to undertake? 

There is just one evaluation of the patient and we make sure that they are a valid candidate for the transplant with the doctor’s check-up. We also recommend taking about 5-7 days before returning to work after the procedure. 

Q4: How many procedures are there in total? How do patients feel during this period?

There is a first consultation appointment, and the procedure is performed in a single operation with local anaesthesia. The baldness issue is resolved in one day, without risks or pain. There are then follow-up check-up appointments on months 1, 6, 8, and 12 to see how the patient is adapting to the results. 


Q5: How long does it take for patients to start seeing results?

We always say that the final result is a year, however much sooner patients will start to see hair with much more density and in areas where they hadn’t seen it before, by reconstructing new areas.


Q6: Are the results permanent? Does the hair continue to grow naturally? 

Absolutely. The transplanted hair does not fall because it is insensitive to the action of the hormone and it grows completely natural. In fact, it’s achieved with the patient’s own hair and it behaves the same in terms of colour, growth times, appearance, etc.

Q7: Is it possible for any patient to have some sort of reaction to the transplant? 

They are very rare, some irritation or some cases of local folliculitis could eventually appear but they are temporary and properly treated on time by our medical staff who will accompany the patient for 1 year and a half.


Q8: Finally, Insparya has recently opened a new clinic in Marbella. How is it going? 

Very well, our clinic is 4000m2 with 15 premium surgery rooms with the most advanced technology. The opening has exceeded our expectations and we attend to the problems of patients from all nationalities, in their own language, since half of our patients are foreign.

Find them at their offices:


Urbanización Lomas de Río Verde, 152A – 29602 – Marbella, Málaga

+34 900 696 020


Calle Joaquín Costa,26 – 28002 – Madrid, España 

+34 900 696 020


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