What Kind of Lighting Should We Be Using at Home?

Every time we undertake a new project, our clients ask: So what kind of lighting should we have, technical or decorative? Yin or Yang? And the answer in most cases is … Both!, since they are compatible and inseparable and must also coexist with each other for the good of the project, as we will be able to provide a unique personality with each of these elements.

Written by Juan Periañez



Apart from combining the shades of light, more or less warm as well as the chromatic reproduction indexes (CRI), we must understand that technical or architectural lighting allows us to define the blocks of the project and create general and directional lighting. But these remain empty without the touches offered by decorative lighting which serves, together with furniture, to define the lifestyle of the owners, since the decorative lighting is what gives the necessary warmth to every corner of the house.


Technical or architectural lighting allows us to create a global comfort, to highlight each of the existing volumes, and differentiate the spaces between them. But always understanding that this illumination will be the one that accompanies us throughout the home.



Imagine now a room in which there is only one type of perimeter lighting, hidden and completely domotized, where you can regulate both the color of light and the intensity of it, and now imagine the same room, but with some decorative luminaire (from foot, desktop, ceiling or suspension). Where would you feel more comfortable?



We might design a magnificent architectural lighting for a room, still we will always find it incomplete if we do not include any decorative luminaire. We will always lack something. And the same will happen to us if we only endow a home with decorative lighting, we will find it so overloaded that we will end up saturated with lamps and light, even though half of them are off.


So now you know. Take advantage of the best of each type of lighting, to create special and unique places that complement light and personality to your homes and favorite places, but always maintaining a general harmony. And dare to create games of light and shadow as without one there cannot be the other.

Written by Juan Periañez

CEO iNstudio iNteriorismo

Juan has a permanent interior design column here on Spain Life Exclusive and will be providing us monthly insights.


His design practice iNstudio in Dénia offer a wide range of services, including interior design, project management and interior branding design. Also, they work with renowned international brands and have in their portfolio a wide collection of contract and home furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, pavements and finishing, lighting and complements, including names such as Driade or Porada, Luceplan or Occhio, Antonio Lupi or Rexa Design, to name just a few.


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