Insparya Hair Company Celebrates the Opening of Valencia Clinic

Insparya Hair Company continues to change people’s lives as it celebrates three years of re-instilling people’s confidence back into their step. 

Insparya Clinic in Madrid


The number three seems to be Insparya’s lucky number. The successful hair transplant company has gone from strength to strength since opening its doors for the first time in 2019, and has since gone on to open three clinics in Spain, in Madrid, Marbella, and now, the next in Valencia. 

Helping both men and women they’ve accumulated a number of 45,000 successful hair transplant procedures across Spain and Portugal to date. 

This year on March 18th, Insparya celebrated its three-year anniversary since the opening of its first clinic in Spain, in Madrid. The company benefited from the opportunity to thank the 7,000 Spanish patients that put their trust in the professionals at Insparya to see them through the treatment. 

Using the most advanced hair transplant technology, Insparya counts on an expert team of over 300 employees including doctors, nurses, consultants and assistants. 

Marbella Clinic


New Valencia Clinic 

If you live in the Valencian Community, then you’re are in luck. Insparya is going to open its third Spanish clinic in April of 2022 in Valencia city. If you’re curious about inquiring into what the transplant procedure entails and you live in Valencia or the greater Valencia area, Insparya is now on your doorstep to swiftly explain the process. 

Spain is the second country in the world with the highest level of baldness. Hair transplant surgery, although it is a painless process with a quick recovery, involves an operation that takes several hours and 3-4 days of rest, so the most convenient is to have it done close to home.

This is why Insparya wishes to continue opening clinics throughout Spain and thus bring the guaranteed solution to hair loss to more and more people. 

This Insparya clinic will be 1600 m2, will have 12 premium hair transplant rooms, and four treatment rooms counting on the most advanced hair treatment technology. 

Using the latest technology, Insparya performs a procedure known as hair grafting. Hair grafting or follicular transplant is a cosmetic technique that allows the repopulation of hair in areas where alopecia or intense hair loss is present. 

The patient’s own hair is used for a more natural result, and the procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia. The main advantages of this treatment are that the patient is the donor and the grafted hair remains permanently.

Insparya will provide patients with 12 premium operating theatres with the latest technology developed by the company itself, such as the Dual Extraction Device robot. With this innovative tool, it extracts twice as many follicular units in half the time and with great precision, so the damage to the scalp is reduced to a minimum. 

With Insparya’s own developed technology, it can transplant more than 4,000 follicular units in only six hours. Long gone are the days when it used to take several days to complete the entire procedure. 

Valencia Clinic


The new clinic also boasts four rooms for hair treatments to combat alopecia and improve hair health. This is the case of Insparya’s own hair mesotherapy (MesoHAIR), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Low Level Laser Therapy, a technique developed by NASA engineers. All this in a space of more than 1,600 square metres on Avenida de Cortes Valencianas 15. 

A team of 90 professionals, experts in the diagnosis, treatment and research into alopecia, will be on hand to attend to you. The team will be led by Dr Carlos Portinha, Chief Clinical Officer of the Insparya Group, and will tend to all of your questions throughout the process and the follow-up period of the transplant, which is 18 months after the intervention.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-famous footballer is also a co-founder and strong believer in the company. 



If you would like to have a free hair assessment with Insparya’s specialists, you can do so by calling 900 696 020 or through their website:

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