IDHOUSE Shows Us How to Refresh Our Summer Outdoor Space

With summer on the horizon, IDHOUSE in Marbella takes us through the steps to revamping your outdoor terrace so you can be the ultimate host throughout the sunny season. 

The celebrated Spanish weather is steadily approaching and it’s time to redecorate the terrace, whether it be set it up from scratch or give it a facelift so that it’s ready for this coming summer. There are a series of essential keys that will help you to make sure you don’t miss the essentials. When it comes to terraces, it is not only the decoration that needs to be taken into account but also other aspects so that you can make the most of your outdoor space.

Expert interior and exterior designers at IDHOUSE in Marbella give us the run-through on how small decorative details like pillows, carpets, lanterns, baskets can to bring a new fresh look to an outdoor space or summer house.

Before you undertake choosing the finer details, it’s important to think about what you want to do on your terrace: eat, rest, read, have breakfast, take care of the plants etc,  always in accordance and being realistic with the space you have available. Maybe you prefer a sofa area for relaxing and going out in the evening or after dinner, or you might prefer to have lunch and dinner outdoors.

Without furtherado, let’s take a look at IDHOUSE’s tips for revamping your summer terrace to give it the makeover that it deserves: 



Personalise your outdoor space with colourful and unique decor accents by adding touches of colour by choosing fabrics or cushions. You don’t have to worry if you think the cushions are not designed for outdoor environments. In case they get dirty, simply throw their covers in the washing machine and dry them afterwards.

Coloured fabrics can work well in small spaces, as long as they are used sparingly. Stripes often work well on small patios because they can be used to create the illusion of height or length. Understated colours like beige, cream, or brown work well to give a more subtle touch. 

Don’t forget that texture can add a lot of personality to your furniture. For example, these rustic Mediterranean style cushions pictured below add a real summery vibe to the scene: 


Wait until you feast your eyes on the splashes of colour seen in IDHOUSE’s rugs. Rugs are a fantastic way to make any outdoor area cosier, as it brings all the usual indoor comfort to the outdoor space, and that is the reason for the creation of these rugs, which are durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions, as it should be when it comes to terrace and garden accessories.

Rugs bring warmth to the environment, as well as adding a dash of colour to what might otherwise be a drab atmosphere. Something we like about these rugs is that they’re quite understated, but are still intriguing to the eye. 

On the other hand, you can opt for more of a splash of colour, either to complement a vibrant furniture set such as this one, or to spruce up a neutral coloured space. 


So that you can make the most of your terrace even at night, it’s important not to overlook elegant lighting touches. Lighting is one of the most important points, as it creates a pleasant atmosphere and makes the space much more welcoming. 

If you don’t have a place to put a lamp, we recommended these gorgeous hanging lanterns available at IDHOUSE’s showroom: 

Accessories: Baskets

Adding baskets to your outdoor space isn’t only convenient when it comes to storage and organization, but it gives an added texture to your terrace. You can also use them to add flare by using them to place flowers, for example. 






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