How to get your car insurance in Spain

Paperwork and bureaucratic arrangements are always boring and complicated, but when you move to a new country to start a new life, things can get even more difficult. In case you need help, we tell you how to get a car insurance in Spain as an expat.


Spain is a fantastic country to live, but not everything is sun, beach, sangria, fiesta and siesta. The Spanish bureaucratic administration can undermine your patience, your energy and your time, so you must be especially organised and patient. Car insurances do not work the same in Spain as in the United Kingdom or in the United States, as they are ruled by very different laws. In addition, if you are an expat in Spain you will need to fulfil some specific legal obligations. We tell you the conditions to get your car insurance in Spain.


Choose the most appropriate insurance

If you do not have an international car insurance, you will need a local car insurance. It is Spain it is always mandatory to have at least a third-party insurance (seguro obligatorio). From there, you can choose the type of insurance that best suits your vehicle and the passengers you are going to transport. Turner Insurance experts recommend us to have an unlimited third-party insurance. In addition, you can also get a roadside assistance (asistencia en viajes) and fire and theft (incencio y robo). However, if you want to avoid problems, it is best to have fully comprehensive insurance, what in Spain is known as “seguro a todo riesgo“.


How to get car insurance in Spain according to Turner Insurance


How to calculate your car insurance premiums

Car insurance premiums depend on various conditions of your vehicle that insurers have in mind to set the price of the service. For example, it is very important the type of car you have and whether you use it for business or pleasure. In addition, other factors are also considered, such as where you live in Spain (premiums are higher in Madrid and lower in Andalusia), your age, experience and driver record. Of course, it is also essential where you keep your car, since it is not the same if you park it in a garage, in a parking lot or on the street.


Car insurance premiums in Spain are one of the lowest in all of Europe. However, if you are not going to be in Spain for a long time and choose quick and easy short-term coverage, this will be expensive. But it is always necessary to have an adequate car insurance and in accordance with the legal conditions to be able to drive a vehicle in Spain.


Are you ready to get the best car insurance for you?

Do you want to know more about the types of car insurances and which one is the best for you? Contact Turner Insurance, an agency with head office located in Jávea. Their specialists can advise you and help you get all kinds of insurance, since they offer a whole spectrum of insurance products. They are an exclusive agent for Liberty Seguros and DKV Seguros and provide trusted service for risks in Spain for expats and nationals. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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