How Policlínica Glorieta Specialises in Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, and More

Catering to the multilingual population of Costa Blanca, Policlínica Glorieta’s expert medical team covers a wide range of medical issues.


The international medical centre of Policlínica Glorieta in Denia has a multinational team that treats foreign patients – whether tourists or residents – as well as Spanish citizens in their mother tongue. So as you can imagine, the clinic is the top choice for ex-pats in the area. Nothing is more important than being completely understood when expressing your medical concerns to the attentive staff.

The staff speak fluent Spanish and English, and individually, depending on the specialist, German, French, and Dutch. The clinic is staffed by more than twenty specialists.  The clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 20:00, and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 12:30.



Effectively taking care of 16 areas under one roof, each and every doctor on the team is a fully qualified expert in their respective field. In addition, the clinic strives to make you feel as though you’re visiting your family doctor. The clinic makes its patients feel at ease by combining the latest medical technology with a caring and warm atmosphere.



Specialised Areas:



Policlínica Glorieta’s cardiologists mainly diagnose and treat mainly cardiovascular diseases and hypertension as these are the most common diseases as well as the most common causes of death.

Dr. Fernando de la Guía is internationally known as a heart specialist and a master in his field.

Cardiologists treat high blood pressure to myocarditis and are responsible for all congenital and acquired diseases of the cardiovascular system and blood circulation. In addition, they treat cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, heart attacks, and vascular diseases.

Among the services in the Cardiology department are:


  • Echocardiography (heart ultrasound)
  • Duplex sonography
  • Stress echocardiography
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Pacemaker checks
  • Sports medicine diagnostics
  • Heart and vascular check
  • Check-ups




Neurology is the medical specialty that has competence in the study of the nervous system, and diseases of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscles.

Neurology has been considered by some to be the clinical speciality par excellence. It is one of the fields of medicine that has developed the most in recent years. It is a very dynamic and continuously expanding medical speciality due to the constant advances in the field of neurosciences.

With five specialists, the clinic’s NeuroClinicum team knows whether other medical specialities such as neurosurgery, internal medicine or ophthalmology need to be consulted.

The clinic’s neurologists treat disorders of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves), muscle disorders, and pain, especially headaches.

Neurologists have expertise in a variety of medical disorders, including cerebrovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, headaches, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathies, nervous system infections, tumors, and complications of head and spinal trauma.

A special feature is the open MRI. Claustrophobia and feelings of anxiety are a thing of the past. You can make an appointment there yourself at any time and do not need a referral from a specialist. Afterward, however, you can discuss the results with the experts in the Policlínica Glorieta. This is good to know if, for example, you suffered a sports injury at the weekend and need clarification on Monday.


Second Opinion Centre


Specialising in 16 different areas, Policlínica Glorieta’s Second Opinion Centre is a great way to get another perspective from a second doctor. If you are unsure whether the defined therapy is the right one for you, allow the clinic to give you a valuable second opinion.

First, the staff examines the existing findings that you may have, the recordings of the imaging procedures and the previous therapy recommendation. Professional expertise can only be provided after personal examination and consultation.

If the staff’s findings result in a different second opinion, the staff contacts the doctor you treated in the first place. This serves to prevent a possible professional conflict from burdening you as a patient.

In the end, the choice is completely up to the patient whether or not they wish to follow the advice of the first or second opinion.



Preventative Care

All adults should visit their health care provider from time to time, even when they are healthy. The purpose of these visits to Policlínica Glorieta is to:


  • Screen for diseases, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Look for future disease risks, such as high cholesterol and obesity.
  • Discuss alcohol consumption and safe level of alcohol and advice on smoking cessation
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle, such as eating healthy and exercising
  • Update immunizations
  • Maintaining a relationship with the provider in the event of an illness
  • Discuss medications or supplements you are taking



Cancer Screening for Men

Urology is the medical-surgical speciality that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of renal morphological diseases, urinary tract and retroperitoneal diseases affecting both sexes, as well as diseases of the male genital tract, regardless of age.

As an anatomical scope of action, it contemplates the kidney and its adjacent structures, the urinary tract and the male genital apparatus, attending to the dysfunctions of the following organs and structures.


  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Adrenal gland
  • Prostate
  • Penis
  • Scrotum
  • Testicle
  • Epididymis
  • Ureter
  • Seminal duct
  • Urethra
  • Pelvic floor structures


Urology can address, from a surgical, medical and integral point of view, all the ailments of its area of influence nosological (diseases, clinical signs, syndrome and symptoms) and anatomical (organs, systems and apparatus), being able to respond to their patients, from a complete and deep knowledge of the speciality.

This is used for the early detection of tissue changes and tumors and should be carried out regularly once a year from the age of 45.

More than a doctor for men, the staff provides preventive medical check-up for men is one of the most important tasks of the Urology Denia.

You can fill out a contact form here today for your first consultation. Appointments can be made without a referral, so you can make your own appointments directly.







Phone: 965 27 8800 / 966 435 437

Address: Partida Madrigueres Sud 9

03700, Dénia, Alicante, España



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