How to get your dog to eat more slowly

Does your dog devour food? If you are worried about watching him eat eagerly, we will explain in depth what the causes, consequences and solutions may be.

Food anxiety in humans

How do you feel when you eat very fast? Surely you have observed that you are less satiated and therefore you eat more, that your digestions are heavier and that they even generate air and stomach pain. Conversely, people who eat slowly are less likely to be obese and to develop heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The key is to give food the importance it deserves: eating slowly involves a change in a person’s lifestyle.


Causes of food anxiety in dogs

With this human example it is easier to understand how important it is to reduce the speed with which our dog feeds. Of course, we must consider the peculiarities of the furry ones:


  • In dogs, eating quickly is an adaptive behaviour: when they lived in a pack, they had to compete for food. And evidently the fastest was more likely to survive. Sometimes we forget that some time ago they were savages and they had to fight to move forward. That behaviour is transmitted from generation to generation. Currently, in their domestic life, when there are several puppies at home they can continue competing for food.
  • If your dog is the only pet at home and does not need to compete you must also consider a medical cause for the speed of eating. There are intestinal parasites that do not allow the nutrients to be absorbed correctly, so the puppy lives continuously with a feeling of hungry. This is because their needs are not met. The best thing in this case is to consult with a veterinarian to contemplate or rule out the presence of parasites and treat them if necessary.


Take care of your dog's health with the advice of LaraVital


What can happen to my glutton dog?

Ingest food without salivating or chewing can bring, first of all, choking. Also the dog can suffer from obesity and gastrointestinal problems, more specifically, belching, regurgitation or vomiting, which are not serious but are annoying. They may also have more serious problems, such as stomach torsion, which is especially related to dogs of large breeds and physical exercise after meals.


Tips to improve your dog’s health

From LaraVital they have collected some tricks to stop down the overly greedy behaviour of dogs that can harm them.


  • Ideally, do physical exercise. Taking them out to exercise before eating makes them arrive more relaxed at mealtime and with lower levels of anxiety.
  • If possible, it is best to feed the dog several times a day so that the portions are smaller.
  • Try having him eat at the same times and in the same place. This sense of security will reduce his anxiety.
  • Monitor what type of food we are giving him: the best natural feed for dogs are those that are cold pressed. This method causes the pellets or bits of food to quickly dissolve in the puppy’s stomach. The croquettes of industrial feed take much longer to digest, so if the dog swallows without chewing it slows down even more the digestion.
  • You can also make him sharpen his wit to get his food with an anti-anxiety dog feeder.


What is the purpose of an anti-anxiety feeder?

This feeder helps dogs to reduce the speed at which they eat food, because they have to make an effort to get their ration. A feeder for gluttonous dogs has a special design with grooves that makes the puppy have to go “rescuing” their food. That way he entertains himself and gives him time to savour and enjoy the food. Actually, by encouraging them to eat more slowly what we are doing is to take care of them and pamper them.


With this simple gesture of changing the dish in which he eats we will be helping him a lot. The anti-anxiety feeder is a didactic dish that forces him to mix food and game and to lengthen the mealtime. To not complicate your life, it is best to choose an easy-to-clean anti-anxiety feeder.


How to take care of your dog's health


Make lunch time a fun and constructive moment

Pay attention to your dog’s language and if he is telling you that he is fine. Take advantage of lunch time to observe him. Only then you will know that he is finding benefits in the new way of eating.


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