HOMERUN BROKERS: The New Co-Sponsor Of Spain Life Exclusive

We are proud to announce that the successful and dynamic Real Estate Broker and Advisor firm Homerun Brokers has become the new co-sponsor of our Property section on Spain Life Exclusive.



Homerun Brokers are the ideal choice for the purchasing and selling of luxury real estate in Marbella and its surrounding areas, as well as investment project management, thanks to their excellent knowledge of the market and their more than 65 years of expertise.

Their multinational staff in Marbella is brimming with skill, creativity, and leadership to give you appropriate and in-depth knowledge of local market trends, whether you’re looking for a new permanent residence, vacation home, or investment property.

Eric Ebbing, a Swedish native, and with a strong background in Real Estate is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Homerun Brokers. He was drawn to the Costa del Sol for its vibrant lifestyle and high-quality facilities, stunning nature, pristine beaches, and spectacular gastronomy and decided to relocate here and start the business two years ago.



When Eric looks back on the company’s two years in existence, right in the thick of the pandemic, he remarks on how this has shown no indications of slowing down the thriving Marbella market. If anything, an increasing tendency has been seen, as many buyers and sellers are aware of the wonderful level of life that the Costa del Sol has to offer.

So Homerun has already established a solid name for itself, and the company is already considered a prominent participant in the real estate sector, which is no easy task.

The company’s ambitions for the future years include maintaining its great reputation and steady expansion.

Homerun Brokers can help you whether you’re seeking to rent short or long-term in Marbella before committing to purchasing a house since they deal with a broad network of agents, brokers, and landlords that have access to a huge inventory of premium to luxury villas.

Homerun Brokers frequently have customers that prefer to rent first to become familiar with the area before purchasing, so let them know about your lifestyle and criteria, and they’ll do their best to locate you the perfect fit.

They cover several price ranges ranging from $300,000 to $10,000,000, buy to invest, buy to rent, and claim they can assist with the entire process, from identifying an investment project to overseeing the project (renovation), and then helping to sell or rent it once completed.



You can find Homerun Brokers at its offices in Marbella at the tower of Los Naranjos Golf Club.




Address: Plaza de Cibeles, S/N.

29660 Marbella Málaga


Phone:  +34 639 142 718

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