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Even though most families use the oven every day, it is a part of the kitchen that is often overlooked. Besides the random cleaning, the oven is often turned on and off and not thought much of besides when you smell your food is ready to be taken out. And when choosing a new oven many people believe it is standard cooking tool that does not have much variety or options.


But the team at Hogarguti Denia understand that an oven is not just a one-model-fits-all appliance and its features and style deserve consideration. The oven is the backbone to every home-cooked meal so it is important to take the time to choose one that can best serve you and your family’s needs.


Hogarguti Ovens

Hogarguti works exclusively with the brand Neff, a leading company with 140 years of experience who take pride in offering functional and sleek designs. Currently, Hogarguti has 29 different oven models available to clients and are always adding the latest advances in technology and design from Neff.


Since they have such a wide selection of ovens there is sure to be one that is perfect for your cooking needs. They also respect everyone has different budgets so they sell ovens ranging from the more basic options like the N 30 Oven Neff Circo Therm Stainless Steel for €396 to the most deluxe model, the N90 Neff Full steam oven (pictured below) for €1,786.



The Hogarguti team is pleased to offer a sale on two amazing ovens. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a top-quality oven and save some extra money while doing so.


The N70 Neff Circo Therm Pyrolytic Oven is a 60cm design with an impressive 12 cooking functions such as gentle forced hot air, gentle CircoTherm®, top-bottom heat, top-bottom heat Eco, ThermoGrill, large surface grill, grill, pizza function, bread baking, bottom heat, bake over low heat, and ferment. It features a rapid preheat function and also has the Pyrolytic self-cleaning and EasyClean® cleaning system. This model was originally priced at €906 but is currently on sale for €770- a €136 savings.



The second model on sale is an oven for those times when you don’t have any time and need a…microwave oven. The N50 Neff Compact Oven with Microwave Stainless Steel is a 45cm appliance with automatic programs for certain recipes and an easy to use LCD display. It features 5 different functions including: microwave, hot air, ThermoGrill, large surface grill, and a pizza function. Originally priced at €705, this microwave is being offered at €634- a savings of €71.



Choosing the perfect oven or microwave for your home kitchen can elevate your cooking experience. Let the experts at Hogarguti Denia help you find your baking match and start cooking with ease. You can see all their oven options by visiting their website here.



Contact Details:

C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 966 435 301 and +34 654 061 700





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