The history behind the restaurant trade in Alicante

Alicante, through its history has been influenced by different cultures and civilizations, all have left their mark contributing to the city as we know it today.


Initially inhabited by the Iberians and later conquered by the Greeks that re-founded it as “Akra Leuka,” which means white mountain. However, it wasn’t until the Romans arrival that the expansion of the city and its port commenced and it was renamed as “Lucentum”, which is related to the world light in Latin. The Arabs were settled in Alicante for almost five centuries, leaving an imprint in hydraulic infrastructures and in the breath-taking architecture we can find all over Spain.


Nevertheless they were expelled from the city in the XIII century. At that point the Catholic Kings reconquered the territory in Spain. The city suffered different invasions over the following centuries and was partially destroyed by Napoleon troops and most recently during the Civil War. After 40 years of Franco regime dictatorship, democracy was finally re-established in 1978.


Every single civilization had left a legacy on the city which can be found within the gastronomy.


The Romans expanded the port and as a result the volume of fishing. Nowadays fish is the most important product in the area and its present in the menu of our best restaurants, such as Monastrell or Frenezy .  The Romans, in addition, were experts preserving the product, either covered with salt, or smoked.  Also the current wine culture dates back to that period. Some of the finest wines of the area are developed  in the Marina Baja and surroundings and could be enjoyed in some of the most wonderful restaurants of Alicante such as Frenezy which offers an unrivaled wine menu.


Among the different varieties of fish, we have marinated sardines, octopus, scallops and grilled shrimp as well as mussels. Once again, the Frenezy offers an optimal menu where you can savour these delicious fish.


Five centuries of Al- Andalus  (arab name for Spain) left us a vast culinary legacy. The almonds among them, with which the nougat is made, star product of the area and essential in every single Spanish Christmas dinner.


The typical Alicante salad, was created once the Christians were installed in Spain. It clearly merge the different cultures that inhabited the city, mixing  olive oil, typical of the Mediterranean diet and always present in our dishes with  almonds, fish and Vegetables such as the well-known “ tomato from Muchamiel”


Indisputably , the rice is the star dish of the Comunidad Valenciana.  In the restaurant Monastrell we can relish some of the most delicious rice plates such as arroz a banda  The restaurant  merges vegetables and fish with olive oil creating dishes that are truly delicious, a pleasure for the senses . All visitors instantly fall in love with these dishes and with this beautiful restaurant and its harbour views. Wonderful sights that were already regarded by the Romans two millennia ago.


The tourism in Alicante started during the` 50s when the Scandinavians started to visit Benidorm, located north of Alicante. The pleasant climate, magnificent infrastructures, great hotels,  diverse water sports and activities for all ages made it the perfect place for holidaymakers.  Since then the tourism grown  unstoppable and nowadays the Costa Blanca receive tourists from all over  the world, especially British, Italian, German, Norwegians or French, but also national or from such places as United States or Australia.


The ultimate sign of the international relevance of the city was the opening in 2004 of  the Hotel Amerigo . An ancient monastery in the heart of Alicante refurbished in a five star hotel that became a reference in the city accommodating important guests from all over the world. Overlooking the castle of Santa Barbara and the cathedral of San Nicolás, It also offers quality restaurants, swimming pool and a  spa, on the roof.  A sublime experience for the senses that will not disappoint.


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