High-End Homes: Step into Autumn with These State-of-the-Art Brands

This coming autumn and winter season sees the return of neutral colours for the home interiors when it comes to top-of-the-line Scandinavian brands. 

September is a month for getting back into the swing of work, studies, and organising. We have three brands we’re currently gushing over available at High-End Homes that will help you effectively re-organise and decorate your home surroundings.

This coming fall/winter season new sees a variety of colours incoming in the classic neutral style. This style decorates the house with colours and materials that connect us with nature and at the same time generate well-being and relaxation in your space, adding a modern value.

Simplicity, brightness, warmth. These are, undoubtedly, some of the characteristics that every lover (or not) of interior design and decoration would recognize in Scandinavian environments. Nordic style decoration, popularized by interior design magazines and promoted by industry giants such as the Swedish multinational IKEA, is one of the most popular among users.

Its clear commitment to the simplicity of the compositions and the cosy character of the atmospheres it achieves are two more than enough pillars to make that, more or less, feel some attraction for this current.

High-End Homes in Marbella exclusively stocks the highest quality Scandinavian brands in terms of sophistication and glamour to bring this so-called ‘new luxury’ into your living space. Here are three brands that you must inquire about upon your next visit to the store:


In terms of optimising storage and your workspace, look no further. String is a Danish brand known for its catalogue of Scandinavian and avant-garde design furniture. Tables, filing cabinets, cupboards and, above all, shelving are the main elements of its catalogue.

The world-renowned String System bookcase, which allows you to generate an unlimited number of different configurations, can be completed with one of its Works desks or storage units to create a unique office.

A pioneer of minimalism, the brand is best associated with its simple form, raw finish, and subdued colours. Expect expert design and a combination of materials: metal, glass, wood, and concrete play a very important role in minimalist arrangements. Elegant minimalism can be used in a modern home or office. Your rooms will be complemented by functional furniture that captivates with its simplicity, original form, and practicality.


Modern originals crafted to last, Fredericia is another Danish brand that collaborates with a select circle of renowned international designers, while identifying and nurturing new talent. Its main ambition is to create a contemporary design that is always beautifully crafted, relevant, and aesthetically intriguing.

The company started in 1911 as a chair factory and specialized in a very marked antique style. In 1955, Andreas Graversen and Børge Mogensen, changed course and began to make modern furniture that today are icons of the time.

For Fredericia, it is important to make furniture that withstands daily use and aging with personality, and for this reason, they take extreme care not only in the finish but also in the production process. Fredericia combines the taste and knowledge of traditional craftsmanship with the knowledge of modern techniques of contemporary furniture manufacturing.


Finally, in terms of having items to put on these shelves, we present the prestigious publishing Taschen. Founded in 1980, Taschen is today one of the most highly valued publishers in the world, thanks to a business formula that combines the quality of its publications with a selection of subjects ranging from popular to erudite culture and truly competitive prices.

In addition to conventional books, the German company has carved out a niche for itself in the world of collecting, bibliophilia, and financial investment, thanks to limited print runs accompanied by graphic works, which in just a few years have multiplied their original price.

The success was such that in 1982 he opened a second store, this time with three floors. In this way, what began as a risky adventure of a ferocious comic collector, would end up becoming one of the most prestigious and world-renowned art publishers of recent times.




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