High- End Homes: Sleek Apartment Renovation at Puente Romano

At the heart of the recent transformation of Iberis 1-2 within the Puente Romano Resort is the distinctive touch of Ann Sand, the Norwegian interior designer renowned for her contribution to luxury spaces in Marbella, and her collaboration with Alstra Architects. This partnership has thoughtfully reimagined the space, marrying usability with a chic, minimalist design. The integration of the terrace with the living area via sliding glass creates a versatile haven, perfect for entertaining or tranquil reflection, framed by expansive sea views. This renovated apartment is a prime example of Sand’s ethos, marrying Nordic design principles with the relaxed vibe of the Mediterranean. 

Ann Sand’s Vision Brought to Life

Under the guidance of High-End Homes, Sand’s interior design firm, Iberis 1-2 has been reborn as a model of functional elegance. The space has been thoughtfully reconfigured to enhance its usability while keeping a chic, minimalist aesthetic. The terrace, integrated with the living area through sliding glass, affords both entertainment and solitude with its sweeping sea vistas.

Inside, the emphasis is on clean lines and a neutral palette, hallmarks of Scandinavian design. The kitchen’s marble island and concealed appliances underscore a commitment to both beauty and practicality. Sand’s approach ensures the interiors will remain as captivating and functional in the future as they are today.

Bedrooms that Echo Enduring Style

The three bedrooms, including the master with its cleverly partitioned en-suite, reflect Sand’s vision for interiors that are both stylish and sustainable over time. The meticulous selection of materials and furnishings speaks to a philosophy that looks beyond trends, aiming for an aesthetic that endures.

Ann Sand and Alstra Artchitect’s work on this property within the exclusive Puente Romano enclave embodies their mission to create spaces that stand the test of time. With 138 m² of living area complemented by a 39 m² terrace, residents can savor the practical luxury and Scandinavian-inspired design that High-End Homes is celebrated for.

Take the first step towards elevating your living experience with High-End Homes. Reach out to them for more information.

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