Heidi Gubbins Shows How to Elegantly Dress Your Table

Expert interior designer Heidi Gubbins in Marbella guides us through the exquisite art of dressing one’s table.


In case you hadn’t already heard, Heidi Gubbins Interior Design in Marbella has been the talk of the interior design scene, both in Spain and abroad for her unique, atelier approach to design. 

A celebrated up and coming designer, Heidi is known for her versatility when it comes to undertaking each project, with Gubbins’ portfolio including international projects in Spain, the UK and Miami. 

If you are thinking about an interior design project for your home, the best thing to do is to count on Heidi’s professional and innate eye for detail, as every home is different and to make it unique and different from the rest you have to give it personality. 

Heidi Gubbins Interior Design also maintains a strong presence in the Sotogrande market, as the talk of her personalised service in luxury and high-end properties has earned her a stellar reputation, she’s made a mark for her tireless service, professionalism and creativity. 

Heidi Gubbins


The Art Form of Dressing Table Tops 

Heidi believes that interior design is what allows us to tell a story by brandishing rooms with certain accents and highlights. 

“Selecting signature pieces and artefacts, a pop of colour from a funky vase to feature as a centrepiece or a selection of books that inspire you all to create a beautiful tabletop.” – Heidi Gubbins. 

The idea is to opt for appropriate colour combinations for each situation and add small details to finish decorating the table. Setting a table is easy, the tricky part is turning it into the perfect table for an informal lunch, breakfast or dinner party.

Getting the right balance without falling into exaggerated decorations is an art. There are many things to consider. The secret is that everything is in balance and that the choice of style and elements to dress the table is appropriate.

Then the diners will detect that we have taken care and will feel welcome and predisposed to savour a delicious menu according to the table. 

Playing with Sandy Tones 

Elegance is warmth, and Heidi Gubbins loves to play with sandy tones. Placemats on any occasion set the tone that the host wants to offer. If the meal is elegant, classic linen or organdy placemats, with matching napkins, delicate china, and an odourless floral arrangement. There is no table that can resist pretty placemats. 

Tablecloths are suggested more for informal events, especially when not all the guests are seated at the table. Attendees can choose where to place themselves and engage in conversation with more people.


Everything in its Place

Once the line to follow has been defined whether its cutlery, glassware, crockery, and other elements of the table are chosen and arranged correctly.

Have you heard of the rule of three in decoration? It’s all about decorating the table with a trio of elements that complement each other and give dynamism to the group. Three pieces of different shapes, materials and textures can be grouped together to add character to a room.

As you can see, Heidi enjoys choosing three bold pieces and placing them in the middle of the table so that they are the main conversation starter. 

Include Plants 

Plants are an element that bring life to your home and no matter what style you want to decorate with you will always find a way to implement them. You can choose flowering or non-flowering, big or small, scented or unscented; they will always brighten up your space. 

One of the places where we receive more visitors or where we gather as a family in the house is the dining room. There is never a lack of a nice meal with friends or a delicious coffee. Because of that we always think a lot when choosing all the decoration that goes with it. 

Arranging the main table at home can be simple with the help of plants. Keeping up with her preference of sandy tones and neutral tones, Heidi adds a subtle touch of nature to her table tops: 


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