Have you ever wanted to ride a jet ski or participate in water sports… if so then read on.

Riding a jet ski is becoming more and more popular and is a common sight on most beaches all over the country, but have you ever wondered how many benefits it has?


The thing is jet skiing is more than just a water activity since it really allows us to enjoy a unique experience for all our senses… It connects us with the sea, giving us a completely different perspective of the sea and all that we can see from it. It’s an unforgettable experience filled with heart-pumping adrenaline.



Climbing onto a jet ski is guaranteed fun and entertainment and best of all is that it doesn’t require great physical strength to drive and what it actually does is provide physical benefits that help you to improve your balance and concentration, as well as toning the muscles of your arms, legs, and abdomen.


It is a wonderful activity that gives us an incredible feeling of wellbeing and relaxation after practicing it.




Discover the amazing Costa Blanca on jet skis with Maremoto Sports



Any time good weather approaches our mind switches to imagine ourselves in the sea enjoying under the sun and in Spain, especially on the Costa Blanca, the good weather is something that prevails all year round so we can practice motorsports in the sea in seasons such as spring or autumn that actually are the perfect time to rent a jet ski and indulge in some water sports without the summer crowds. The gentle climate in Spain is the ideal backdrop for spending time on the water with family and friends.


So if you want to take up a new hobby and discover the sea without the crowds of summer and with better sea quality, we want to introduce you to  MAREMOTOsports, the number one company on the Costa Blanca that offers jet ski rental services not only in summer but also in the months that according to the experts are the best to really enjoy the sea (May, June, September and October) as well as more environmentally friendly. At Spain Life we have been hearing about it for some time and now that we have had the opportunity to get to know it in-depth and see its facilities and all the services it offers, we understand why.


We are talking about MAREMOTOsports and we have it on good authority this is the best company in renting and selling jet skis, for also a repair service plus a top class after-sales service for those who decide to buy one, plus they are the most complete company in terms of customer service by having its headquarters in Denia but also serving in the marinas of Javea, Altea, and Torrevieja.


Maremoto has more than thirty years of experience in the world of jet skiing and has an excellent track record that is backed up by the positive reviews and opinions of those who have been lucky enough to enjoy their water activities. 


In 1991 the adventure of Maremoto  began. From the beginning, the aim was to promote water sports such as jet-skiing, and to allow adventurers coming to Alicante to fully experience its natural beauty. Maremoto was one of the first to offer jet ski tours to Playa de las Marinas and the entire coast of Alicante and has established itself as the number one company.


At any of their locations, you will have the perfect setting for amazing and exciting jet ski tours either alone or with an instructor. At Maremoto one of the things that set them apart from the competitors is that these activities are always carried out with top of the line equipment from the best brands on the market, such as the 130 GTX model, you can see a review on their YouTube channel (  This is the affordable luxury jet ski par excellence, resistant, fun and eye-catching where you will enjoy hours of fun, easy sailing, and above all safety. 




Renting one of their jet skis is easy as they have a large fleet and they also have a great system of vouchers for the rental of jet skis for residents. The larger the coupon, the greater the discount, and you can save a lot of the good thing about this is that if you live here in the Costa Blanca or have friends and family over regularly and want to take them on the sea then the deals and offers Maremoto can give you means it is perfect for the spring and autumn as well so you can spread your deal across the year.  Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you buy these coupons because they can be redeemed in any of their locations making it ideal to try out different ones each time …perfect for avid lovers of water sports to be able to participate all year long.



And if you are worried about not having a license to drive a jet ski, don’t worry, Maremoto will take care of everything, they will arrange the license for you, or if you wish you can drive the jet ski with a monitor in front of you who will guide you. As you can see with MAREMOTOsports enjoying the sea safely is very easy and within everyone’s reach.



For more information see below all their contact details.



Contact Details:



Puerto Deportivo Marina de Denia, Denia

Marina Nou Fontana, Javea

Puerto Deportivo Marina Salas, Torrevieja

Puerto Marina Greenwich, Altea



Phone: 966 422 765


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