Happy 150th Birthday to Parker Knoll

150 years in business is a rare achievement, but this year Parker Knoll is celebrating this impressive milestone, testament to the quality of their furniture.


Their sofas and chairs are still as hugely popular today as they were in 1868. Many of us recall our granny having a Parker Knoll chair and therefore often associate the brand with the older generation but this is definitely not the case today, their designs are modern and luxurious and would grace any home. At Harris Furnishings, they are delighted to be the exclusive suppliers of Parker Knoll for Spain and the Balearics. We look at this iconic brand and their strong history in this article.


The history of Parker Knoll

Parker Knoll had humble beginnings in a small and simple workshop in London 150 years ago, and since then the brand has been renowned the world over for designing and developing the best handmade British chairs and sofas. Established in 1868 by Shoreditch born cabinet maker Frederick Parker, he used time-honoured techniques in building the finest furniture which he learnt from his father. He passed this pride in his work to subsequent generations ensuring quality, comfort and design remained the founding principles that can still be found at the heart of Parker Knoll today.


Get the best Parker Knoll furniture at Harris Furnishings


Parker Knoll’s products have furnished the homes of the Victorian gentry, and in the 1960s they manufactured the first-generation recliners, always at the forefront of design, technology and innovation. Their in-house design team is now based at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire UK and have built up a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a strong commitment to high quality, exquisite comfort and distinct style.

New Collection to Celebrate 150 Years in Business

To celebrate their 150 years in business, Parker Knoll has launched the Collection 150. Taking inspiration from the Frederick Parker Archive, Collection 150 has been designed to pay homage to their strong heritage and history, and their commitment to developing sofas and chairs that embody the brand’s founding principles of high quality, skilled design, elegant proportions and supreme comfort, whilst also looking towards the future. This beautiful collection combines Art Deco influences with contemporary aesthetics. This collection celebrates the beautiful shape, craftsmanship and intricate detail that has become synonymous with Parker Knoll over their 150 years in business.


View Timeless Parker Knoll Pieces in our Showroom

At Harris Furnishings they have on display in their showroom a beautiful selection of Parker Knoll sofas and chairs. If you are considering refreshing your interior decor, you may consider changing your lounge furnishings. The focus of the room is the furniture, but specifically the sofas and chairs, replacing them will instantly transform your living space. Worn or tired sofas and chairs can become uncomfortable too, Parker Knoll are renowned for exceptional comfort making them an exquisite choice. All pieces are handmade by highly skilled teams of master craftsmen and women in Nottinghamshire UK, and these exquisite furniture ranges from Parker Knoll will provide you with many years of comfort and style.


Where to buy the pieces of the 150th anniversary collection of Parker Knoll


Treat Yourself to Some Parker Knoll Furniture

Given the current exchange rate from EUR to GBP, now is a fantastic time to purchase your Parker Knoll furniture, particularly if your savings are in euros. Although the drop in the pound is not great for those reliant on funds from the UK, this is counteracted by them benefiting from the exchange rate when they buy furniture from British manufacturers. In other words, if the GBP rate were to improve, imported products from the UK would cost our clients more. Take advantage of ‘Made in Britain’ items and you could be enjoying this Christmas in the lap of luxury on your Parker Knoll sofa.


Visit the Harris Furnishings stunning showroom to view their Parker Knoll products and more luxury products. The store is located on the Industrial Estate Les Galgues.



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