Happiness at MESA Moraira: Exceptional Service Meets Culinary Delight

Step into the world of MESA Moraira, a gem nestled in the heart of the Mesa Horeca Group’s culinary endeavors. Joep, the visionary behind this remarkable dining establishment, has not only unveiled a string of restaurants but has also penned an enchanting guide on spreading happiness among patrons. His profound understanding of the industry underscores the pivotal role of impeccable service and rigorous training in ensuring a truly gratifying dining experience.

Situated in proximity to Moraira’s serene beach and majestic castle, MESA Moraira boasts an ambiance that exudes comfort and charm. MESA Moraira is part of the Horeca Group and also has a branch in the Netherlands.  They are planning to open another MESA restaurant in Benitachell, in the Spring of 2024.

A Chapter in Culinary Excellence: MESA Moraira’s Flexible Menu

Embark on a gastronomic journey curated by passionate chefs who revere the art of cooking and honor the essence of culinary craftsmanship. The menu’s highlights encompass an array of tantalizing tapas and bites, complemented by an extensive selection of wines and champagnes. With a dynamic menu that undergoes regular transformations, guests are treated to innovative culinary surprises.

Upon entering MESA Moraira, guests have the privilege of selecting their preferred seating, whether it’s the plush lounge sofas or the charming outdoor terrace. One certainty prevails – a memorable evening guided by a dedicated team that is ardently committed to your satisfaction. Joep’s philosophy of ever-changing menus, renewed every six weeks, ensures that guests are continually greeted with novel flavors to savor.

Delightful Dishes Unveiled: A Glimpse of MESA Moraira’s Culinary Artistry

Embark on a culinary voyage with delectable appetizers such as tuna tartare, succulent baked scallops, and exquisite vegan tartare. The enticing spread extends to garlic shrimp salad, wagyu carpaccio, and more. Main courses are a symphony of flavors, including king crab tempura, truffle-infused risotto, and the pièce de résistance – the Wagyu beef burger adorned with gruyère cheese, bacon, and a fried egg.

“A Guest? Be Happy!” – Unveiling Joep’s Recipe for Joy

Within the pages of “A Guest? Be Happy!” lies Joep’s insights into orchestrating joy in restaurant settings. Drawing from his personal desires as a diner, the book outlines strategies for delivering impeccable treatment, genuine smiles, and ultimate satisfaction. It’s a compilation of concrete instances that illuminate how memorable moments and culinary experiences are crafted.

Elevate your dining journey at MESA Moraira, where every visit promises an extraordinary blend of top-tier service and delectable fare. Operating daily from 12:30 PM to 12:00 AM, the restaurant awaits to transport you to a world where happiness is not just a destination but a fundamental ethos.

Contact details

Paseo Senillar 23, 03724 Moraira, Alicante

+34 623 425 041

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