Halloween Fashion in Spain, The Street & The Catwalk

Girls in short shorts with dark tights, shaggy coats and wedge booties — the dominant look of Madrid and Barcelona’s streets has much in common with the trendy downtown stylings of New York City. The Spanish winter in the city saw ladies in a combination of statement outerwear — capes and furs, real and faux — and shoes, such as tough-chic booties in leopard spots and heavy metal studs. And for the boys, a steady rotation of khaki, hats and oversize man bags.


Halloween is not just for the kids. When dressing up is a job 364 days of the year however, Halloween is just another opportunity for designers and models to up the ante — and then some.

For designers such as Michael Kors and Christian Siriano, to models like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Marie Hill, Halloween costumes are a major endeavor, for which they pull out all the stops. They sometimes even hire stylists to perfect their looks — after all, Instagram is watching.


In a babydoll dress, a platinum-blond wig and a bleeding nose, you’re basically Courtney Love in all her Miss World-era glory. Add some knee-high socks, a blue jacket and some waffles, though, and you will turn into Eleven from Stranger Things, 2016’s television breakout star (soz, Blac Chyna). The Eleven costume is also much better than tedious Halloween stalwarts: sexy witch, sexy cat, sexy mermaid. Just make sure that the Victoriana dress isn’t too steampunk or you will come off as a sexy Eleven, and that’s just wrong.

And how can we forget ….

THE Clown

Nothing about this Halloween is going to plan. First, one of the most popular costumes is basically an ageing My Chemical Romance fan (Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn) and an online troll (the guy from V for Vendetta slash Jack White in Get Behind Me Satan-era White Stripes). Second, the innocent tradition of dressing up like a clown has taken a turn for the John Carpenter thanks to the recent creepy clown phenomenon. Forget Ronald McDonald and Michael Jackson in full makeup and a strange wig – now there’s a sinister side to the proceedings.

Happy Halloween

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