Grupo El Alto: Transforming Dreams into Reality for International Weddings in Alicante

Unveiling the Enchanting Venues and Culinary Magic for Your Unforgettable Day. In the heart of Alicante, where the sun kisses the Mediterranean and love stories unfold, there is a name that resonates with couples from around the world – Grupo El Alto. This distinguished group is not just a wedding planner; it is a curator of dreams, a conjurer of enchanting experiences, and a creator of unforgettable moments.


For those who have journeyed far from their homelands to celebrate their love on the Costa Blanca, Grupo El Alto stands as the trusted partner in crafting weddings that are nothing short of magical. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, this group has not only captured the essence of love but also the unique charm of the Spanish coast.

Among the gems that Grupo El Alto unveils to couples are the breathtaking venues that make dreams come true. Imagine a ceremony on the pristine sands of Cala Clémence, where the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean provide a backdrop like no other. Or, perhaps, Casa Santonja, with its old-world elegance and lush gardens, offers the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. For those seeking the quintessential Spanish charm, Casa Benigalip presents an idyllic canvas, where love stories are painted with the strokes of tradition and sophistication.


Yet, Grupo El Alto doesn’t stop at offering these magnificent venues. It’s the attention to detail, the commitment to personalization, and the culinary wizardry that truly set them apart. With a service that leaves guests raving, their catering elevates every celebration to a gastronomic journey. From authentic Spanish paellas to international gourmet delights, their culinary team is prepared to satisfy the most discerning palates.

For those who have left their homeland and come to Alicante to say “I do,” Grupo El Alto becomes a pillar of support, a bridge to their dreams. Every logistical challenge, every cultural consideration, and every romantic aspiration are met with the same dedication and passion. With Grupo El Alto, the journey of planning a wedding becomes an adventure in itself, one that ends with the creation of a lifetime of memories.

As the sun sets over the Costa Blanca and the Mediterranean breeze carries the whispers of love stories, Grupo El Alto stands as a beacon of hope and a facilitator of dreams. It’s a testament to the fact that love knows no borders, and that Alicante, with its splendor and beauty, is the perfect canvas to paint a lifelong promise.

For those who have chosen the Costa Blanca for their nuptials, Grupo El Alto is more than a wedding planner; it’s a promise fulfilled, a dream realized, and a love story etched in the heart of Alicante.



Masía Aldamar Crta Godelleta Km 1.1; 46370, Chiva, Valencia

Phone: 963 44 89 44




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