Great Lounger Sofa Designs from García Mobles

For a great living room space to wind down, spend time with your family, receive your friends, watch tv or simply take a moment, García Mobles has built an extensive collection of contemporary sofa models that can suit any type of space and invite you to relax and enjoy the space of your home.


From generous pieces to compact models, their lounger sofas can fit any shape of living room, especially as they can easily be moved around or extended. And with plenty of finishes to choose from, or with extra cushions in contrasting colours to add, there’s no doubt you can match or complement any type of furniture in your living room. Here are 3 of their original lounger sofa designs, exclusively made in Spain using top quality materials and latest technologies.



For a Versatile Lounge Area



Families require more room so modular or corner lounges might often be the appropriate choice for them. This model from García Mobles is extremely comfortable and totally adaptable to every moment. Due to its separate modules and light weight, it can be easily turned into a long sofa with a chaise longue, or into a corner sofa for everybody in the family to enjoy the space.


The Nordic air of the minimalist design and the great combination between white body and patterned cushions will definitely bring fresh air into your living room for this beginning of summer. The structure is designed in resistant pine wood and DM wooden boards and the seats and armrests are in polyurethane. The seat and backrest covers are removable.





With a Playful Design



A comfortable and unique sofa, this model is a fusion between comfort and versatility, a charming sofa inspired by the contemporary lifestyle that will also give your salon an exquisite touch of elegance and distinction. The structure is designed in resistant pine wood and DM wooden boards and the seats and armrests are in polyurethane, and the seat and backrest covers are removable. The sliding lounger can be manual or electric. The model includes a chest under the pillow of the arm and plenty of storage space underneath the sofa.





For the Best Use of Space




Apartments may not offer the large space we are all dreaming of, but you can still enjoy all the comfort of a lounge sofa with a special model that is sure to fit most spaces. This is a new design with subtle lines and carefully managed proportions, finished in Viscoelastic. García Mobles offer a variant in Rolen System, to combine fixed and sliding electric seats according to your needs. The chaiselongue module has electrical sliding system by default.



García Mobles is well established with 36 years of family history and extensive experience in providing high quality furniture. They take pride on serving customers from Spain as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium or France.

For more on García Mobles, visit their website:

or visit them at Avda. Lepanto 42, Benitachell, Alicante

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