Unusual Museums in Gijon/Xixon

Xixon, or Gijon, is a gorgeous city that is steeped in history. There’s plenty to do and see both here and in the surrounding Asturian region. If you’re looking for something a little bit niche however, it’s also home to some very quirky museums, some of which you might never expect to find in Spain!

Bagpipes Museumbagpipes-museum-xixon

Who knew..! Bagpipes aren’t just a Scottish instrument, it seems. This small exhibition has instruments from all over the world, including bagpipes from Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There are also other traditional instruments from the Asturian region, so if you like to hunt out the deeper history of a place, this is a great place to visit. They have recordings of traditional music to listen to as well.

railway-museum-xixonRailway Museum

This museum is a testament to the impact that the industrial revolution had on Spain and the Asturian region, documenting the growth of the towns and ports.The railways have been an important factor in shaping the region. This museum is for celebrating and documenting their impact, as well as looking to the future. Comparing this to the industrial development of other European cities like London 

Juan Barjola Museum of Paintingjuan-barjola-museum

You may not think there’s anything unusual about an art gallery. However, there are a few unexpected aspects to this attraction. It primarily houses the contemporary art of the museum’s namesake Juan Barjola, however the building is also a gorgeous piece of historic 17th century architecture. It consists of the Palace of Jove-Huergo and the adjoining chapel. This stands in beautiful contrast with the modern art inside. The restoration work on the inside of the building creates a stark, white space to display the art, which is very different to the exterior. The building alone is worth a visit!

Photos: Museu de la Gaita, Museo de Ferrocarill, Juan Barjola Museum of Painting

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