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Life implies change. Some changes are easier to assimilate than others. But there are some so difficult to accept that they can lead to serious problems. Moving to another country is complicated and generates serious worries and setbacks. Many of these end up having psychological repercussions. The Triora Clinics, which specialize in addictions, can help you to overcome some of these repercussions.

Today in Spain we have a beautiful melting pot of cultures. On the Costa Blanca in particular, in recent years, the English, Belgian, French, Dutch and Scandinavian populations have grown exponentially. In overcoming the problems that an international move entails many of those who have come here end up exposed to problematic situations and complicated addictions. Triora Recovery Clinics are specialized in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with various disorders, such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and new technologies.


What makes Triora different from other companies in the sector is its innovative and holistic approach, focusing on the wellbeing of people, physically and mentally and emotionally. Since addiction is a chronic disease, patients are helped to learn not only to manage it, but also to live with it. To achieve this, they will need to change many aspects of their life with the help of the therapeutic medical team of Triora, whose staff offer health care 24 hours a day, as well as support work with families, a basic factor in recovery.


The Triora model can be worked as an inpatient or outpatient, with additional support via videoconferences and meetings. The method is taught by a group of professionals with many years of experience in detoxification and rehabilitation of patients. Each program is personalized, establishing a period of between four and twelve weeks during which the patient will work in individual and group therapies followed by a period of individualised follow-up.

Michel Odufré, co-creator Triora Model.


Triora’s clinics are located in remote areas of large urban centres, providing a calm and stable environment in natural surroundings. In this way they also achieve greater privacy and comfort for their patients. Each of the rooms has a private bathroom, air conditioning system, television, telephone and an intercom. In addition, patients can also enjoy the sports facilities and outdoor swimming pools that Triora clinics have.


If you are in need of help, you can contact the Triora Clinic in Alicante by calling +34 965 150 965 or with the Clinic in Málaga on +34 952 641 207. For more information you can visit their website ( and fill in the contact form.

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