Get some real Spanish culture this summer: Spain’s best flamenco shows

If you want to dive profoundly into Spain’s culture, check out your local flamenco tablao. Flamenco may seem something of the past, but it’s still very much alive in various spots all around the country.



La Guitarrería – If you want a traditional “Tablao” experience in Alicante, this is the place for you. They have shows from Tuesday through to Sunday, usually starting from 10pm. It’s 10 euros per person and includes a free drink. The shows are diverse each night, and consist of different singers and dancers. The place is run by the spectacular guitar player, Felix Amador, who plays every single show, and has worked alongside some of the greatest flamenco guitarists of all time, including: Paco de Lucia. Address: Calle Mayor 16, Alicante.



La Casa de la Guitarra – This is one of the most popular and respected cultural centres of flamenco in Spain. Based centrally in the heart of the Barrio de Santa Cruz (old Judería), a few steps from the Cathedral, it’s a perfect place to explore the flamenco world, with some of the top performers, including; José Luis Postigo, who runs the business, and is an award-winning flamenco guitarist. Address: 12 Mesón del Moro street. Website for bookings:



El Cardenal – whilst dining on local cuisine on their outdoor patio, you can enjoy some of the best of flamenco. It is based in the historical Jewish quarter, and you can expect to see a show every day, except Sundays. The shows begin at 9pm, or 9:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Adress: Casa Palacio del Conde de Torres Cabrera, 2 Buen Pastor Street. Website:



Corral de la Moreria – This is one of Madrid’s most historic tablaos, and centrally located right next to the Plaza Mayor. Being Spain’s capitol, of course it attracts many of the best flamenco artists to perform here, and you will be stunned with those guest performances from dancers, singers and guitarists from all around the country. The shows start at either 8:30pm or 10:20pm depending if you have chosen the dinner package. The address is: 17 Moreria street, Madrid. Website:



The Cueva de María la Canastera – Granada’s very best spot for flamenco… It’s named after one of the city’s best dancers, and the show is in her family’s old house. Her son has now opened up the house to the public and they host different, spectacular artists every night to perform from 9:30pm. It is located in: 89 Camino del Sacromonte. Their website for booking is:



Located in Barcelona’s popular La Rambla area, is the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. Here you can enjoy a dinner with some high-quality flamenco performances during this one-hour show. They have a variety of artists who perform here each day, so every time you return, you’ll be wowed by something different. The shows are either at 9:15pm or 10:30pm depending if you want the evening meal package. The address is: 35 La Rambla, Barcelona. Website for bookings:


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