Get Premium Heartcare at CardioCare, Marbella

A German International Heart & Vascular Centre, CardioCare specialises in various sophisticated areas of minimally invasive endovascular cardiology, angiology and radiology. 

Getting the right healthcare when it comes to looking after your heart is of the utmost importance. As the years pass us by, all the functions and structures of our body decrease, the arteries become less and less elastic, and cholesterol and blood pressure rise bringing with it major cardiovascular problems, not to mention those cases where the cause is genetic and if not detected in time can cause great damage.

Those people who have reached 50 years of age and have any of the aforementioned conditions or even if they are in “good health” it is advisable to visit their cardiologist to identify their state of health and begin preventive treatment to avoid cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Cardiology is a branch that deals with the study of diseases related to the heart and its structures such as acute myocardial infarction, aortic valve stenosis, and ischaemic heart disease, among others. The cardiologist is the specialist who studies this branch and is able to diagnose, treat and intervene in all heart diseases. Surgically, they are known as cardiac or cardiovascular surgeons.

Enter CardioCare, a German International Heart & Vascular Centre which hones in on the areas of minimally invasive endovascular cardiology, angiology and radiology. As a leading heart and vascular centre located at HC Marbella International Hospital, CardioCare performs all non-invasive and minimally invasive investigations and procedures. The team also treats arrhythmias and arteries of any kind, including in the legs. 

Its specialists recommend at least one annual check-up, however, in the presence of any of these symptoms, you should go immediately for a physical examination accompanied by an electrocardiogram to find out how your heart is functioning.

Healthy habits that include physical activity, a balanced diet, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco consumption considerably reduce the probability of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, however, there are other factors that could develop them, which is why it is so important to visit a cardiologist.

Working with the Latest Technology in Healthcare

Dedicated to providing its patients with the best possible care, CardioCare only employs the use of world-renowned technology for its diagnostics and interventional procedures. Specialised applications require even more specialised equipment installation in spaces such as operating theatres, pressurised rooms and laboratories. 

Siemens solutions help patients recover in less time and staff work more efficiently – all in a comfortable and functional environment. 

About CardioCare 

CardioCare’s philosophy is to provide its patients with premium care of endovascular treatments, focusing on various medical fields. Its specialists cover a wide range of various disciplines, all under one roof.  

At the helm of operations is Bernd and Manuela. Originally from Germany, they went to live in New York where they stayed for eight years, earning their stripes in the medical field. They’ve been in Marbella for 15 years now, serving the community with their excellent service and dedication to premium healthcare. 

In collaboration with HC-International Hospital Marbella its highly qualified team will make you feel tended to during the whole process, remaining at your bed-side to ensure that you’re fully aware of each and every step of the way. Its team also takes care of administrative aspects, keeping your family up to date as you undertake your treatment. 

CardioCare combines its expertise and training with state-of-the-art equipment and minimally invasive techniques to achieve excellent diagnostic results for its patients. Its treatments available vary from arterial, electrophysiology, venuos, implantable devices, varicose vein treatments, coronary artery treatments, structural heart disease preventions, and more. 


Testimony from Spain Life Exclusive’s CEO, Terry Moutter: 

One of the main aspects of Dr Reisbeck and his team is that he is also available to provide support and advice for patients who have had heart problems and are currently on medication to prevent further problems.

Our CEO of Spain Life Exclusive recently spoke to Dr Reisbeck about his past experiences, as he currently has stents in his arteries following a heart attack six years ago and he was very pleased he did. 

It turns out that some of the medication he is taking for his heart such as blood thinners as well as others may not be the right ones, as he should have been given the right checks on his cholesterol and also to check if he has to take a certain medication and also his aftercare could maybe have been different.

After visiting Dr Reisbeck he has now made an appointment at the hospital in Denia to see the cardiologist and check on a number of matters to make sure things are correct for the future. 

“If I lived in Costa del Sol I would be visiting Dr Reisbeck every year or six months to be seen and checked as he is the first specialist that I have met who looks carefully at your aftercare, not just the surgery.”

His recommendation is if you think you may have problems or have hereditary heart issues in your family then visit Cardio Care Marbella as you will be pleased you did and do not leave it too late.

You can make your appointment for a consultation here.  



Address: HC International Hospital 

Calle Ventura del Mar 11, 29660 

Marbella, Málaga, Spain 

Phone: +34 677 759 003



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