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The style of kitchen you choose for you home will mostly depend on how you use it. Santos Kitchens can help you design your own style that will suit all your needs.


Santos, a high-quality kitchen design company based in the north-west of Spain, say, what makes them different is that they; “carefully design kitchens to be resistant, functional and destined to satisfy the user’s work, storage and organization needs.”


The company is based in A Coruña and Santiago de Compostela, but distribute their kitchens across the whole country.


They say the functionality and practicality of the kitchen is also important, and they utilise the space creatively.


Kitchens can “wear and tear” quickly with its daily use and demands, but Santos say they make kitchens to last, using materials like marine board, which is used often for industrial constructions, as it resists humidity, knocks and friction.


Santos Kitchens also now have new design trends, and one theme for those in apartments or smaller houses, is: “More kitchen in less space.” This is achievable by reducing unnecessary thickness from the front and sides of cabinets, and creating more light-weight, elegant-looking pieces.


They also work with a very modern style, and create simple layouts with smooth finishes, as well as finding ways to fit in your kitchen appliances discreetly.


The team at Santos Kitchens are experienced interior designers, and care for the small details too. They will work with you to find the perfect location for all your kitchen belongings, to help you keep organisation in your kitchen, and to have your equipment right at hand when you need it.


If you are looking to update your kitchen, or want to find out more information about Santos, call: 965 051 022,  or alternatively you can email:

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