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Having good rest is essential. But comfort is different for each person. When you are used to sleeping in one bed it can be very difficult to get used to another one. That is the problem that a person faces when moving to another country, since beds are usually different in each place. To solve this matter, Concept Design offers the Vispring British mattresses in their range of exclusive products. But what is special about these mattresses? Let’s find out.


Vispring is a British brand that has been manufacturing bespoke beds since 1901. Back then, engineer James Marshall used for the first time individually pocketed steel springs ushered, making Vispring a pioneer company synonymous with luxury. These British mattresses were extraordinary. So this brand has established itself as a benchmark for excellence and craftsmanship at rest, representing the characteristic British elegance.


The traditional and artisanal manufacturing of their products, as well as Vispring’s high-level tailoring are essential factors that have made their beds reach the first class cabins of legendary transatlantic ships, such as the Titanic and the Queen Elizabeth II, and also the most luxurious hotels in the world, such as the Savoy of London.


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A purely handmade manufacturing

If you are looking for a mattress that provides you with an exquisite rest, the custom-made beds of Vispring are the guarantee of supreme luxury, and now you can find them in the Concept Design showroom in Altea. To manufacture these mattresses, they use a perfect combination of tension, resilience and spring size with the best natural materials, such as wool from the Shetland Islands, cashmere and silk from China and cotton from Turkey. Each one is made to measure and completely handmade, so they obtain the most extraordinary product possible.


With all these magnificent ingredients they manufacture the best British beds, mattresses and divans, as well as headboards and accessories. In the Concept Design showroom you will find an exquisite selection of Vispring products that guarantee you the best wonderful rest. This fantastic Altea store is a meeting point of design, architecture and decoration, offering all kinds of products for the office and home to professionals and individuals.


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In this extraordinary showroom of more than 1,800 square meters spread over two floors you can find luxury items of the highest quality, from design furniture to lamps, carpets and outdoor furniture. In addition, from Concept Kitchens they provide everything you need to reform and redecorate your kitchen. For this, their team designs, plans and executes the project, guaranteeing a perfect finish. They also collaborate with Mercado del Mueble, a furniture store where you can find all kinds of pieces at extraordinary prices.


Find what you need in Concept Design

Do not hesitate and visit the Concept Design showroom to try the magnificent Vispring mattresses. Their multilingual staff can help you to find what you really need. You will not regret! For more information, please visit their website.



Concept Design

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Concept Kitchens

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